Autumn is near!

In August newsletter, we will go through the new features in our Extranet and also give you advice how to tackle the new GDPR demands with ease. In addition, we have great news about the expansion of our customer servicenetwork to Joensuu and also about the events held later this Summer.

Additions to Eezy Extranet!

We added a new report in the Extranet: Subtractions from net salary. The report will list all Eezy service fees, accident insurances, and employer’s health insurance fees for the selected calendar year. This report will help in recording your deductions for your next tax proposal.

You can find the report under My profile, located in the Billing and salary payment tab (see screenshot below).


New feature to Invoicing forms

The Invoicing forms -section has an option for Reimbursing open amount. We have now added the possibility for you to choose whether you wish to send an invoice to your client for the credited invoice or not.
Reimburse open amount- feature should be used when your client is yet to pay the invoice or, has only paid a part of the invoice, and you have agreed that the amount due can be left unpaid.

GDPR – how to take care of your obligations

The requirements for handling personal data were renewed on May 25th, 2018 with the EU Data Protection Regulation. The reform modified the requirements regarding, among other things, collecting, storing, protecting and deleting personal data.

Through GDPR and by billing through Eezy, you also have certain obligations towards your clients. To save you from wasting valuable time, you will find a summary of your responsibilities on our website and you can also download a privacy policy template that will help you meet the Privacy Policy requirements as a registrar.

Read more and load a privacy policy template

Eezy Conttori open doors August 23rd, 2018

We have opened Eezy Conttori, located within the same facilities as Eezy Head office in Helsinki, where you can find workspace and meeting rooms for different needs.

Conttori will have open doors on Thursday August 23rd, starting at 9am until 9pm. During the day, you are welcome to test our new workspace free of charge! Stop by on your way home or join us for the whole day, without booking in advance.

You can rent workspace or a conference room from Eezy Conttori in advance for only a day or for the entire month, and for those who don’t like to plan ahead too much, we also accept walk-ins. As a registered user of Eezy service, you are entitled to rent any workspace from Conttori at a discounted price.

Read more about Eezy Conttori

Customer service desk in Joensuu

And once again we are happy to tell you that our Eezy information desk network keeps expanding! Now you can receive f-2-f customer service also in Joensuu, Koskikatu 13, 80100 Joensuu (VMP office).

For more personal customer service and advice, you can book an appointment by calling 09 4242 1558 or

Eezy customer service desks’ contact information can be found here.


Accident insurance and employer’s health insurance payment: preliminary ruling of VAT supported Eezy’s view

The new directive for billing services issued by the Tax Administration in December has brought up divergent interpretations. Eezy’s view on this already at that time was that VAT should not be added on the accident insurance payment and the employer’s heath insurance payment.

We made a request for a preliminary ruling in the Tax Administration at the beginning of the year. According to the preliminary ruling we received in June (P0000899762), on the basis of the VAT Act, there should be no VAT added on the accident insurance and the employer’s health insurance payments. Thus, the above mentioned deductions from salaries paid through Eezy will continue without VAT added to them.


Expanding our customer service hours

In the future, Eezy customer service will assist you also in the evenings. Our new service hours are:

Mon-Thurs 9am–8pm and Fri 9am–4pm

If you wish to speak to us face-to-face, you’re welcome to stop by our office Monday-Friday between 9am-3pm. Please book an appointment prior to your visit from 09 4247 5630 or 

Recommend Eezy and earn money!

Did you know that you can earn money by recommending Eezy to your network? For every new Eezy user, you can earn some money and the new user gets a 25 euro sign up offer.
Read more about the recommendation fee. 

EezyExpress – When you need your money immediately

EezyExpress-service assists you in situations where you need your salary quickly. Directions and terms of use for our service are found here.

Eezy Basket 2018 in Helsinki on August 18th-19th

Finland’s biggest 3×3 street basket tournament will be played on 18-19 August at Mäntymäki field in Helsinki. A series can be found for everyone- from top players to businesses as well as under 10-year old boys and girls. All registration fees are fully donated to the youth work at the Finnish Basketball Association.

Read more and join the event! 

Have you checked whether you’re obliged to take out pension insurance (YEL) for yourself?

As an Eezy service user, you are a member of YEL. You are responsible for obtaining the YEL insurance, but we strive to make it as easy as possible for you. On our website, you will find comprehensive guidance on YEL insurance. You will find it here .

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