A quick guide for those wanting to work as light entrepreneurs in Finland

Are you living abroad and have thought about working in Finland as a light entrepreneur? Or maybe you already live in Finland and are interested in becoming or trying light entrepreneurship. Well, this is the blog entry for you as we’ll be highlighting essential factors you’ll need to consider if you’re from within the EU or […]

Light entrepreneur’s unemployment security during COVID-19

Due to the Corona situation, there have been temporary changes made regarding the unemployment security. Both part-time and full-time entrepreneurs have easier access to unemployment security, regardless of the business form. As a self-employed person, unemployment insurance and its size depend on whether you are considered a full-time or part-time entrepreneur. Here are more detailed […]

Corona – important information for light entrepreneurs

What should I do if forced to quarantine? Is my YEL income on the correct level? If my income drops, should I check my tax percentage? Where can I find information about Corona and its effects? Light entrepreneur’s unemployment security during COVID-19. We have gathered information package with detailed instructions for full-time and part-time entrepreneurs. […]

Tips for checking light entrepreneur’s pre-filled tax return

The 2019 tax returns will arrive for review by April at the latest. Here’s our tips for checking pre-filled tax return in MyTax online service or on paper. Tax returns arrive to MyTax in random order. All tax returns are available in MyTax by April 3rd and sent by mail by the end of April. […]