On Thursday 22.10.2020 our customer service will close earlier than usual

Our customer service via phone, e-mail and in the office will be open from 8:00 to 12:00 due to staff training.

  • INVOICING: All correct invoicing drafts which arrive by 12pm on Thu 22.10. will be checked and sent during Thursday.
  • SALARY PAYMENT: We’ll pay out all salaries on Thursday, which we’ve received by 12 o’clock. Please send your receipts on Wednesday 21.10. so that they will reach us before the salary payments on Thursday.
  • EXPRESS SALARIES: All EezyExpress-requests received by 11.30am on Thu 22.10. will be handled on Thursday.

Expanding opening hours for our customer service – and more good things will follow

To make your daily life easier, we will from now on serve on weekdays between 8am-5pm 

With longer opening hours, your invoices will be sent to the client faster: We check and send all invoices received by 5pm on weekdays, always during the same day. 

If your payday is “as soon as payment is made”, you will receive your salary payment faster in the future: If your client’s payment arrives to us by 5pm on a weekday, we will pay your salary on the same day. Depending on your bank, it will appear on your account on the same or the following day. 

Please note that we will send your invoice and pay your salary according the above schedule if there is nothing to be clarified with the invoice. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions! 

Webinar: Light entrepreneur’s Kick Start

Are you interested in light entrepreneurship and would like to know more before stepping into the shoes of a light entrepreneur? Would you like to know more about pricing your own work, insurance, unemployment security or how invoicing as a light entrepreneur actually works?

Our free webinar will clarify these questions and give some useful tips for anyone who’s curious about light entrepreneurship, thinking of invoicing their own work or for those who’ve already registered and have some unanswered questions. You are warmly welcome!


Tuesday 6.10.2020 at 1 pm (1 h)


Our customer service representative Isabel Beddard


Taking part is free and you can sign up through the link below:

If the time isn’t suitable for you, you can still sign up as we’ll send all participants a link to watch the webinar at a later date, which suits you. As the webinar is recorded, please note that your name and/or any questions you ask via chat will also be visible on the recorded version.

The webinar is hosted by Eezy Kevytyrittäjät