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Hey Eezy friends!

In December, we will share some light to next year’s events, give you our Christmas opening hours, and of course, present our delightful Christmas video greeting to you all!

Christmas greetings from Eezy!

We wish to thank all of you for the past year; our encounters, chats together, and merely for your inspiring courage to do what you’re good at!

Everyone of us needs time, presence, and care from others. This year, we used the time and money usually spent on Christmas cards, a bit differently: we donated happy aging to an elderly through the Seurana- service. Thanks to the donation, one elderly will receive some excitement to his/her days through functional activities and familiar faces. We also get to visit our sponsor-elderly!

Okey, obviously we couldn’t resist spending a little time on you guys as well. At this time of the year, we thought a video greeting would be the just the thing.

Hope you all have a heartfelt Christmas and a successful New Year 2019!

Job opportunities through VMP

Are you looking for extra income? Temporary work can often be done simultaneously or alternating with working through Eezy. Eezy is a part ofthe VMP- group and, if you want, you can give your consent to transferring your personal data to VMP Varamiespalvelu franchisee specified by you, in order to promote employment. This way, the personnel at VMP can contact you directly regarding any employment opportunities.


Giving your consent is completely voluntary and can be done in Extranet section “My profile” > “Settings” > “Job opportunities through VMP”.


Christmas Eve Dec 24th closed
Christmas Day Dec 25th closed
Boxing Day Dec 26th closed
New Year’s Eve Dec 31st Open 9am-3pm
New Year’s Day Jan 1st closed

The exceptions in the opening hours apply to both Eezy customer service as well as for Eezy Conttori coworking space. Other days, we are on duty according to regular opening hours.

Eezy events!

There are plenty of events already booked for January 2019, here are a few tips to get you started. You want to follow our News and events -section on our website, and also our social media channels, and we will keep you posted in the near future.

Jan 17th. Webinar: All you need is skill! For anyone recently joined our Eezy family or considering.
Jan 17th. Open Doors at Eezy Conttori in Helsinki – try our workspace for free!
Jan 23rd. Participating in DuuniExpo – event in Lahti
Jan 24th. Participating in MeiränRekry 2019 – event in Seinäjoki
Jan 29th. Webinar: The ABC of service pricing / Trashionista Outi Les Pyy
Feb 5th. Participating in UusioUra – event in Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

Do you want your invoice dated 2018?

In that case, you must create and send your invoice draft by 14:00 Dec 31st, 2018. If you create the invoice draft in January 2019, it cannot be dated back to 2018. Have no fear, our invoicing team is ready for you on the last day of the year!

Are you looking to build a website or do you need help with your marketing? Answer the questionnaire!

Would you be interested in ordering and carrying out your website, logo, or anything related to marketing, conveniently and at a reasonable price, through our Eezy network? We would love to hear if you feel you could benefit from this type of service. Answer the questionnaire and you will make our excited little Eezy-elves jump out of joy!

Answer the questionnaire (in Finnish)


Your client doesn’t need a separate household deduction certificate for taxation, instead, Eezy’s invoice will cover that if the share of the work is specified on the invoice. It’s so Eezy! On the invoice, share of the work + VAT are household deductible. Find out more about household deduction on our website.

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