Eezy and Haaga-Helia sign a partnership deal

Eezy signed a partnership deal with Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences on Tuesday 30.4.

Eezy expects more forms of partnership among the traditional work placement training and thesis related partnership. Both, Eezy and Haaga-Helia, are looking into future, therefore we can find development projects in fields such as platform economy, entrepreneurship, and marketing.

Eezy’s goal is to increase familiarity among students as a service making gig work possible. Eezy is also a good way to try out business idea already as a student, or try out entrepreneurship-like work in general, claims Eezy’s service manager Johanna Setänen.

Entrepreneurship and its future forms with the new digital platforms are the core of the partnership. Eezy is very excited to a part of the opportunity to look in the future!