Eezy interface (API) – Easy solution for salary payment and invoicing

  • Does your company offer short term work, e.g., for freelancers and you are looking for a handy way for salary payment?
  • Does your company offer an application which links employers and service providers, but you would like to offer a solution for salary payment?

We offer a free interface to your organisation for salary payment and invoicing. Our interface connects your application security to our system, and we will take care of the invoicing and salary payment by noticing insurances and all mandatory employers’ costs applicable to invoicing services.

Through Eezy interface you can:

  • Register service providers
  • Add clients
  • Create invoicing drafts

There are many different operating models depending on your company’s needs and the features of your system. You can, for example transfer a large amount of salary payment details to our system at one sit or create a model, where every new user receives also an Eezy user account – The choice is yours!

For registered persons, we offer friendly and professional customer service concerning invoicing and salary payment through phone, email or chat. We also offer IT-support for the administrator of the interface user.

Eezy is the first invoicing service in Finland. Through our web-based system we have paid salaries and sent invoices since 2008. Today, we have about 25 000 registered users, on whose behalf, we take care of around 65 000 invoices annually. In ten years we have actively developed our system based on our own and customers’ experiences.

Interested? Contact us, so we can define your needs and plan the best possible operating model.