When you want to assign a spring cleaning in your home, you have two options: You can either hire a cleaner or buy the work as a service.

When you buy the work as a service from a service provider who is using Eezy service, you are not an employer and you do not have to do all administrative work related to employment. You just have to pay one invoice.

From the table below you can see what obligation you have when you hire someone as an employee.


Household employees a private personPayments less than 1500 € annually Suoritukset yli 1500 euroa vuodessa
Deduction of unemployment insurance payment XX
Deduction of unemployment insurance payment (Employee’s share) XX
Withholding taxNo, unless asked by the employeeX
Payment of health insurance contribution NoX
Tax report on employment contribution monthly to authoritiesXX
Yearly report if the salary is more than 200 € per yearXX
Reports to Pension insurance company, Unemployment insurance fund and P & C insurance company XX
Acquire accident insurance and liability insurance for employees Yes, if salaries paid to one or more employees exceeds 1200 € in a year X

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