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In February, we will give you hints about our new podcast series, free trainings and webinars provided by the Finnish Entrepreneurs and about Brexit’s impact on invoicing. We will also tell you about the upcoming changes in our Extranet that aims to be the easiest, most convenient, and most user-friendly online service in the industry. If that’s not news, then we don’t know what is!

Tips for entrepreneurship from our new podcast series

Have you already listened to our podcast Eezympää yrittäjyyttä? Our podcast will provide you with tips and real conversation (in Finnish) about topics that are of interest to light entrepreneurs and small businessmen.

Three episodes are already out focusing on profitable pricing, increasing business through online courses and other digital products as well as personal branding and social media visibility. Each episode will introduce a new interesting guest who will help us break down the topic at hand. The host of the podcast is Taru Tammikallio, a journalist and media entrepreneur who depicts the working life phenomena.

You can listen to the podcast on our website or on Spotify, Apple Podcast,  SoundCloud and Google Podcast.

Extranet is being updated – are you ready?

During this everlasting Fall, we have been building a new, improved version of our Extranet. Several Eezy users have also been involved in developing the system, providing us numerous valuable insights and wishes in which direction to develop the service.

First, we will take into use our updated invoice creation and viewing. These new features will first be introduced alongside the old. We will collect user experiences from you, our users, and we will make changes accordingly based on the feedback. After this, other sections of Extranet will be renewed during the following months. And not to worry, we will keep you informed during the process!

What will the new Extranet be like?

  • User-friendly, easy, convenient, and quickly absorbed: It will do as much as possible for you automatically and you are left with only the mandatory matters. It will give you tips, help you and guide you when making choices.
  • New look: Visually modern, fresh, and guiding actions.
  • Adabtable to different screen sizes: You will create your invoices conveniently on your laptop, desktop, mobile phone, or Ipad.
  • Constantly evolving: We are developing the best online service just for you. If something doesn’t work, we will make it work.
  • New name: No new name has been invented yet, but it should be something catchy and easy to remember. You can send your suggestions to info@eezy.fi.

Oh Brexit – How do I invoice a company located in the UK?

How does Brexit affect a light entrepreneur’s invoicing and creating an invoice for companies in the UK?

As a result of leaving the EU at the end of January, Britain is no longer a member of the EU. However, the EU-UK resignation agreement provides a transition period until the end of 2020. During the transition period, the current rules will stay in effect as if Britain were still a member of the EU. During the transition period, current VAT regulations and guidelines will apply to trade.

Therefore, until the end of the year, you can invoice a company located in the UK as usual: select  ’EU’ as the invoicing basis and the VAT provisions will follow the reverse VAT.

If Brexit’s twists and turns and their impact on taxation are of interest to you, you can find more details on the Tax Administration’s website.

TIP! Free trainings and webinars for light entrepreneurs

Did you know that Finnish Entrepreneurs organize free training and webinars in Finnish for entrepreneurs and persons considering becoming one? If you are interested in, for example, enhancing digital skills, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, Google Analytics or YEL insurance, you may want to check out the current training offer on the Finnish Entrepreneurs’ website. It is a good idea to click on the “only free-of-charge” section when searching for trainings.

Go enjoy the Entrepreneurial Cruise!

Attitude, passion and courage. This is what entrepreneurs are made of. The theme of the 2020 Entrepreneurial Cruise is built around entrepreneurs and key features of entrepreneurship. Features that reflect that resilience in situations and moments where someone other than an entrepreneur would have already given up. On the cruise you will network, be inspired by seminar speakers, meet potential partners and clients, update your information with the help of experts, and of course enjoy the trip. The cruise is organized by Finnish Entrepreneurs.

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