Esports-työt voit laskuttaa kevytyrittäjänä Eezyn kautta

The most convenient way to invoice any esports income is through Eezy invoicing service. You don’t need to establish your own company, proof of identification is all you need. You also don’t have to worry about bookkeeping. We will send the invoices to your clients and take care of salary payment as well as statutory fees for invoicing services – you will get salary to your account.

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Eezy serves the light entrepreneur

As an Eezy user, you are never alone. Our friendly and professional customer service staff will help you on the phone, by email, as well as on -chat. You are always welcome to visit our office in Hakaniemi, Helsinki!

As the first invoicing service in Finland, we know the industry extremely well – after all, we are the ones who were creating it in the first place. As the pioneers of the industry, it is important for us to be certain about things before implementing them – you can trust that we will handle things as promised.

Our customer service can be contacted by phone at 09 4247 5630 Mon-Thu 9-17 and Fri 9-16.

Our pricing can take on the comparisons

Clear and transparent price list guarantees that there will be no hidden fees. Our service fee includes invoicing, collection, salary payment, liability insurance, accident insurance, legal counselling and the help of our customer service staff, as you need, of course.

You can proxy us to take the possible entrepreneur’s pension insurance (YEL) for you, or you can take care of it yourself. Need your salary quickly? With an additional fee, you can use Eezy Express -salary service to get your salary to your account the day of the invoicing, at fastest.

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