Light entrepreneurship with Eezy

Choose your clients, decide on your price, and invoice your work as a private person. Eezy is easier than having your own company!

Light entrepreneurship through Eezy is a modern and flexible way to invoice your work. Focus on what you’re good at and what you want to do. Sell and market your services, agree on the price, invoicing, and schedule directly with your clients. Here at Eezy, we will take care of all your paperwork: your client will receive an invoice and we’ll pay your salary accordingly.

When entrepreneur’s duties and paperwork don’t take up all of your time and energy, you can focus on the more important matters, such as, marketing your work and actually working. With our help, you will be one step closer to achieving your dreams! Read how and why you should choose Eezy.

How light entrepreneurship works?

1. Register

Register to our service. Authentication with a personal bank ID will ensure that you have a valid accident- and operational liability insurance when working.

2. Agree on work

Agree on the work with your client and tell them you will be invoicing through Eez. (Hint: You can download contract templates for business as well as private clients’/households’ assignment agreements.)

3. Make an invoice

Once the work is done, fill in your invoicing draft in Extranet. We will send your invoice to your client.

4. We pay your salary

We will pay your salary  as soon as your client’s payment is visible on our account.

It’s so easy in every way possible. You can focus on your work completely and the service has been great. Professional and nice personnel. You will receive an answer to your question almost immediately, or someone calls you back within the next 5 minutes, the latest.

– Rauno Stenman

Why Eezy is your best partner in light entrepreneurship?

1. Experience

As Finland’s first invoicing service business, we know the field very well – after all, we were there when it all started.

2. Reliability

As the pioneers for this industry, we think it’s crucial to do our part in a trustworthy manner– You can count on us to always handle your matters properly.

3. Transparency

There will be no surprise costs due to our clear and transparent pricing. Excluding EezyExpress salary and handling expenses and receipts, our service fee covers everything: sending invoices, debt collection, salary payment, accident insurance and consultancy insurance, operational liability insurance, work- and salary certificates, and of course our professional personnel’s’ information and customer service according to your needs.

4. Caring

When invoicing through Eezy, you are never alone. Our professional and friendly personnel will assist you via phone, e-mail, as well as through our chat on this site. You are also welcome to visit our office in Ruoholahti, Helsinki.

Some cool benefits

As time goes by, we reward our long-term users by lowering their service percentage the more their accumulative invoicing grows. The lowest possible service fee is 5 % + VAT from an invoicing total excluding VAT.

Are you considering on becoming an Eezy user?

When trying out something new, you’re bound to have some questions. This is why we have our own customer service number for registered new users or for those considering light entrepreneurship as an option.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on weekdays 8am-5pm +358 9 4242 1656 or anytime via email on

Webinar: Light entrepreneur’s Kick Start

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On Thursday 22.10.2020 our customer service will close earlier than usual

Our customer service via phone, e-mail and in the office will be open from 8:00 to 12:00 due to staff training. INVOICING: All correct invoicing drafts which arrive by 12pm on Thu 22.10. will be checked and sent during Thursday. SALARY PAYMENT: We’ll pay out all salaries on Thursday, which we’ve received by 12 o’clock. […]