MyXline – Bring when you come, take as you go! Earn by transporting express deliveries while traveling anyway

Do you travel from one city to another for study, work, or leisure? One hand could carry something extra or the trunk is empty? Now you have the opportunity to earn by transporting an express delivery with you (reward 60€ or 74€). MyXline is a new type of express delivery service, where you download the MyXline application, track open deliveries and book a suitable express delivery and deliver the shipment. The service will be launched in September for shipping companies.

The MyXline app is free for individuals and payment of the shipping fee is handled automatically through Eezy. It is possible to make transport assignments for Finnish citizens who have reached the age of 17.

Tips for Eezy light entrepreneur:

1. Download the MyXline app from either the Play Store (Android) or the Appstore (iPhone)

2. Register as a driver in the MyXline application.

3. Save your Light entrepreneur code (same as your referral code) in your MyXline Driver Profile under “My Information”> “Light entrepreneur number” before receiving the first payment.

4. Payment of the fee will be made through Eezy within a few weeks.

5. If you are transporting a package during a leisure trip, it is a good idea to include the costs of the work (e.g. the storage fee for the package) directly in your own taxes as deductions. If you are carrying a package during other than a leisure trip, you can apply for travel reimbursement for a business trip just as usual through us.