Dear Eezy member

This August we will introduce to you all our new Eezy mobile application, explain about this Fall’s first webinar and other events, and also about the merging of VMP and Smile.

Mobile invoicing coming soon

Exciting news from Eezy’s service development team: during the Summer, we have developed a mobile application that enables easy mobile invoicing in the future. We are almost ready to launch: a test group, gathered from our Eezy users, are currently testing the app and have already successfully invoiced assignments through the app. As soon as we manage to go through the feedback from the test group and finalize some user-friendly functions, the app is ready for everyone to use! For those who just can’t hold their horses, you can already download Eezy app for iPhone in the Appstore and for Android in the Playstore.

Customized art at Visio Festival

Eezy loves to be involved with events where also our users can find future work opportunities. Last July was the first time we attended the Visio Festival in Suvilahti, Helsinki, that focuses on electronic music and art. We had some great encounters with the people attending the festivals, as well as with the self-employing organizers of the event. At the event, the artist Fabu Pires, conducted an amazing piece of art especially designed for Eezy, and it is now in our Hakaniemi office, patiently waiting for its next performance.

Webinar about “Kevytyrittäjän pikastartti”

We’ll kick-off the Fall webinars by going through the essentials of light entrepreneurship at the Light entrepreneurship Quickstart on Thursday September 12th. 2019. Johanna Setänen, our service manager, will, in a nutshell, go through all the useful matters for light entrepreneurs, but the webinar is also a good way to refresh the memory of those who have been light entrepreneurs for a while now. For example, if you have questions or doubts about pricing your work, unemployment insurance, or invoicing, we warmly encourage you to join us! The webinar is free, in Finnish, and as usual, available to watch afterwards in the Extranet. You should also take a look at our tips for the beginners in light entrepreneurship.

Sign up for the webinar here.

Arctic Invitational September 14th, 2019

We will continue our cooperation with esports and will take part in Finland’s biggest esports event Arctic Invitational at the Hartwall Arena September 14th.

If you are interested in esports either through work or as a hobby, you may want to stay tuned, as we intend to invite our Eezy users to the event!

New faces at Eezy

Tanja  Saarinen started at Eezy in August by diversely taking care of our customer service as well as financial management tasks. Tanja has several years of experience working with numbers and being an entrepreneur, which really gives her some advantage when working in customer service. “After just a few days, the people here are so nice and Eezy seems like a great place to work at. I’m excited to help our Eezy users and through work, promote a good cause even further.”

VMP and Smile merged

We are now one! VPM, that Eezy is part of, has now officially united with Smile. Together we will build the future for work life! Stay tuned, as we will announce our future plans during the Fall.

Read more on VMP website.

Earning extra money alongside with your main job?

Did you know you can combine light entrepreneurship with your current daily work or with a gig job? Temporary work can often be done parallel or by alternating working with Eezy. We wish to make this as easy as possible for you so if you’re interested, you can give your consent in Extranet (My profile>Settings) to transfer your personal information to VMP, Enjoy or Extraajat, who are all part of the same group. All you must do is explain your profession and choose in which area (location) you are interested to work in.

Read Juuso Paavilainen’s story on how he combines light entrepreneurship with his daily job at VMP.

Light entrepreneur in sports, are you familiar with HELT?

With HELT, you can sell sports-related online services and other coaching effortlessly on your own channel. As an added bonus, HELT offers Eezy users consulting aid for the beginners and also, if necessary, help with the content production. Channel implementation is free and HELT’s service fee is 16% from all the income sales through the channel. Get to know HELT.

SYT and AYT – funds merge

SYT -and AYT- funds (The unemployment funds for entrepreneurs and the self-employed) have decided to merge. This will take place in the beginning of next year, January 1st, 2020. The merging will not cause you any procedures and you are able to receive more information from the SYT-fund’s press release.