Hey there Eezy family!

We are going to land into December by giving you some tips about having your invoices dated to 2019, tell you our opening hours during the holidays, and remind you of the tax card income limit. You should also read about the renewed recommendation reward and the relocation of our office.

Time to check tax card income limit

The year is coming to an end, and now if ever the tax card income limit may be exceeded. It is worth checking that your tax card’s income limit is high enough for the remainder of the year. Check out your tax card in the Extranet under My profile. You’ll see your 2019 gross salary and tax card details under the Invoicing and salary payment tab. For more detailed information, log in to MyTax.

Change tax card delivery

If you need to change the tax card income limit, please visit MyTax and submit your new tax card via Extranet or via email verokortit@eezy.fi. This way it will be valid for December’s salary payments.

VMP Oyj changed name to Eezy

The VMP group, to which Eezy belongs, reported quite the news in November: The whole group was renamed Eezy! We, the original Eezy personnel, are honored and touched by this change, and will continue to carry our Eezy-cape with pride, as part of a bigger Eezy group. Due to this change, in the trade register our official name Eezy Osk turned into Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk, and the logo and our visual look will go through a reformation, but besides that our service continues as before. We also believe that with the new bigger Eezy we will be able to offer our users a more diverse service in the future, together with the entire Eezy group. Read more: www.eezygroup.fi/en

Eezy office relocates and we say goodbye to coworking space Conttori

In the Spring 2020, we are moving to new premises in Ruoholahti, Helsinki, 3.5 kilometers from our current office. As a first step in this relocation, our coworking space, Eezy Conttori, closes its doors on Dec 20th, 2019. However, the goal is to find a partner to provide workspaces for our light entrepreneurs in the future as well. We warmly thank all our Conttori customers!

Tip! Do you want your invoices dated to 2019?

In order to get your invoice dated to this year, the invoice must be made and sent during 2019. Therefore, fill in the invoice and send it to us for approval by Dec 31st, 2019 at 2PM. If the invoice details are okay, it will go to its recipient during this year.

Note! The invoice cannot be dated in January to 2019 therefore, our invoicing team is well prepared for the last day of the year!

Christmas time opening hours

Christmas Eve Dec 24th Closed
Christmas Day Dec 25th  Closed
Boxing Day Dec 26th Closed
New Year’s Eve Dec 31st Open between 9AM-3PM
New Year’s Day Jan 1st Closed

Other days we are here according to normal opening hours.

Recommend Eezy and gain service fee discounts

Tell your friend, family, colleague, and even your friend’s uncle about Eezy Light Entrepreneur service. If you’re a registered user and recommend Eezy to others, as a thank you we will give you a service fee discount worth of 150 €. Also, your friend will receive a registering benefit worth of 25 €.

Recommendation reward activates once your friend’s invoicing amount (VAT 0%) exceeds 1 000 €. There is no roof limit for receiving recommendation rewards so you can recommend Eezy care-free to as many people as you like. Virtually, one 150 € recommendation reward means you can invoice around 2 400 € without paying our service fee.

How can I recommend?

1. Give your own personal recommendation code to the future Eezy user. You can find your code from our online service under ”My profile”.
2. Instruct your friend to put the code in when registering to Eezy.
3. We will handle the rest!

Read more about the Recommendation reward.

New Eezy staff

Alvar Pöytäniemi joined us in September and takes care not only of tax cards but also booking our coworking space. Alvar also serves fluently in Swedish and Finnish through our chat. “I’ve enjoyed my time at Eezy, there’s a great atmosphere and I think it’s reflected in how we treat our customers and each other.”


We have opened a new Eezy customer service desk at Kemi-Tornio nearby VMP office at Pohjoisrantakatu 5. You’re welcome to visit, if you need a personal appointment, you can book it from 09 4242 1569 or kemitornio@eezy.fi.