2019, here we go!

In January, we are going to dive into the world of service pricing at a webinar hosted by Outi Les Pyy, we’ll inform you about our new legal advice service, the 2019 tax-exempttravel expenses, and about our renewed contract templates.

New! Legal advice free of charge for Eezy users

Whether it is a complex contract, a personal tax issue, a dispute settlement or, for example, a modification of a privacy policydocument – we’ll help you.

The law number is available on Mondays between 12pm-3pm and on Thursdays between 9am-12pm at 09 4242 1559.

If the issue is simple and can be solved quickly, even during the call, the advice is completely free of charge. If, on the other hand, it turns out that the matter requires a more thorough familiarization and more extensive research, we will tell you and give you a price estimate, because we don’t want to surprise you with any additional costs.

Eezy’s own lawyer Otto Michelsen will be taking your calls. You can also call Otto at other times or send an email to lakineuvonta@eezy.fi, however, Otto can be reached best by phone during the calling hours. If the number is busy, we’ll call you back during the same day, so you don’t have to call us twice. Otto will assist you in Finnish, Swedish and English. Read more about Eezy’s legal counseling service.

Eezy events!

Webinar Tuesday Jan 29th. Between 1pm-2pm: Basics of Service Pricing / Outi Les pyy

How to price your service profitably and sustainably? The lecturer is trashionist Outi Les Pyy. Outi herself is Eezy’s service user and thus well informed in the everyday life of a self-employedperson. The webinar is open and free for all Eezy users and it’s held in Finnish. Read more and sign up!

Coming in February

Thu Feb 21st. at 9am-9pm | Open Doors at Conttori  | Try our co-working space for free!
Wed Feb 27th at 1pm-2pm | Webinar: Light Entrepreneur Marketing | Community Manager Ellen Into, VMP Oyj.

We will inform you about our upcoming events on our website in the News section and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

Amount of tax-exempt travel expenses in 2019

The tax office has confirmed the amounts for travel allowance, daily allowance, and meal allowance for 2019: Tax Administration’s decision on tax-free travel expenses in 2019

Most Common Tax-Exempt Travel Allowances 2019:

  • Kilometer compensation car 43 cents / km
  • Domestic partial daily allowance 19 € (travel for work longer than 6 h)
  • Domestic full daily allowance 42 € (travel for work over 10 h)
  • Meal replacement 10,50 €

We will reimburse your travel expenses as tax-exempt reimbursement of expenses in accordance with the tax authorities’ regulations. In order to receive these, the travel expenses must be invoiced separately from your client.

P.S. You will find instructions on how to reimbursing travel expenses and how to invoice expenses in our manual.

O-hoy Hyvinkää!

Good news for our Eezy users living in the Hyvinkää region! We have just opened a new Eezy Customer service point at Hyvinkää in the vicinity of the VMP office at Hämeenkatu 25. You’re welcome to visit us, you can also book an appointment at 09 4242 1564 or hyvinkaa@eezy.fi.

Renewed contract templates in Extranet

Do you need a ready-made contract template to finalize the details with your client? Extranet now offers downloadable contract templates for both consumer and corporate customers in Finnish and English. We’ve added a basic privacy policy statement to the templates and you can start using these versions right away.

We are also designing sectoral contract templates for example for the IT-industry, creative industries, personal trainers, construction industry, cleaning industry, interpreters and translators. These are added to the Extranet: Contracts> Contract Templates, as they are completed.

If you acutely need a template to fit your industry, you can contact our lawyer Otto Michelsen, tel. +358 9 4242 1559 or otto.michelsen@eezy.fi.

Remember to deliver your tax card?

The 2019 tax card is valid from 1st of February 2019. We will get the tax withholding information for 2019 from the Tax Administration electronically and automatically for those to whom Eezy has paid salary for the period of October 1st 2018 – January 6th 2019. If you do not belong to this group, please deliver your tax card to us prior to your payday. A changed tax card must always be delivered to us. Read the instructions on how to deliver your tax card.

Does your client need a separate household deduction certificate?

Did you know that Eezy’s invoice will serve as a certificate if the share of work is broken down in the invoice? In this case, your customer does not need a separate household deduction certificate for tax purposes. The invoiced share of work + VAT are household deductible. Read more about household deduction on our website.

Do you need a website or other help in marketing your service?

You still have time to answer the questionnaire and tell us if you have a need for such service. Click here to enter the survey.

Some peace and quiet starting from 60 € / month

Our coworking space Conttori has been quite lively during the past few weeks however, we can still guarantee a peace of mind for those who could use some with their work-time. In addition to cosy working space, we have received praise for a pleasant atmosphere, good price-quality ratio, smooth air-conditioning, and for a fantastic location. If you’re considering Conttori to be your office as well, please come and get to know our facilities! Eezy Conttori is open on weekdays between 7am-9pm at Hämeentie 3, 5 krs, Helsinki.  Check out Conttori.