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To start off March, we’ll give you tips on light entrepreneur’s tax deductions and introduce new releases: brand-new colleagues, fresh contract templates and a state-of-the-art info letter that you can send to your customer.

We have important tax information for you

Oh yes, it’s almost that time of the year again. Pre-completed tax returns are soon arriving to everyone’s hands. The benefit from tax deductions can possibly be significant, so deductions should always be done, if you exceed the threshold. Specifically, tax deductions benefitting self-employed people are:

  • Eezy’s service fee
  • Social security fee
  • Accident insurance
  • YEL-pension fees
  • Deductible travel expenses
  • Expenses for the production of income (e.g. tools and workspaces)

Tips for tax deductions

We host a webinar about Light Entrepreneur’s tax deductions on 13.3.  In the webinar we give you tips on the tax return and how you can retrieve information needed from the extranet easily. The webinar is Finnish. Sign up!

It is also good to know that the tax return will change this year. Pre-completed tax return includes same information as before, but the outlook of the form and the edits will be done differently. More information can be found on Tax Administration’s website.

Tax Administration also hosts an online info session on 28.3. to artists, freelancers and individuals receiving grants. The info session will guide you how to file your expenses for the production of income or check your information in MyTax. We strongly recommend attending this info session!

Upcoming events at Eezy!

13.3. at 13.00-14.00 Webinar: Light entrepreneur’s tax deductions

What deductions should you consider on your tax return and how to retrieve the needed information from the extranet. The webinar is in Finnish and will be hosted by our lawyer Otto Michelsen. Sign up here!

21.3. at 9.00-19.00 Eezy Conttori open doors

Come and try our coworking-space for free. Stop by or work all day without a reservation. Address: Eezy Conttori, Hämeentie 3, 5thfloor. Helsinki

2.4.-28.5. Mindfulness at work: 8 askelta hyvään työhön™ (8 steps to good work)

Mindfulness coach Virpi Pakaslahti has worked through Eezy for several years as a light entrepreneur and chose our Conttori as her workplace. Read more (in Finnish)

In April

Our webinar series will continue and due to a high demand, the topic will be Light entrepreneur’s social media marketing vol. 2. We will inform future events on our website’s News & Events section and on Facebook. Stay tuned!

New! Letter to your customer

Does your customer get confused when receiving an invoice from Eezy? Not anymore! Now you can add an attachment to your invoice where we will tell your customer in a nutshell why the invoice is coming from Eezy and how our service works. The attachment is useful when sending an invoice for the first time to a new customer.

Download the letter here or on extranet’s front page to yourself. After this, you can attach it to your invoice draft as you will.

New! More contract templates in extranet

  • Creative services
  • Construction services
  • Language translation and interpretation services
  • Cleaning services
  • Personal trainer services
  • IT-services (soon available)

We want to make sure that making contracts is as easy as possible for you. That’s why we provide you with templates for specific fields in addition to the general contract template. All templates will have an English version available soon. For larger and repetitive assignments, we recommend always making a written agreement with your customer. You can find the templates on extranet: Contracts -> contract templates.

New faces at the office

Tuomas Laakkonen, software developer & IT support

Tuomas joined the IT team since October and has already been part of many projects. In addition to feeling like home with the software, when it comes to precision, Tuomas is in the league of his own, which has not gone unnoticed around the office. “It is exciting to move the entire industry forward through my own work: new and different way to work. The people at the office are great and the job has a good balance between responsibility and freedom. Such a cliché, but not something to take for granted.”

Henri Kasper, expense receipts

Henri began working at Eezy in February and right off the bat started taking care of the expense receipts. As the spring comes around Henri will take accounts receivable from Sari, who is taking family leave. “I come to work every morning with a smile on my face, because the people here are open and positive, not forgetting the great customers. It has been amazing to notice that the same helpfulness, our customers are thankful for, is visible around the office.

Free legal advice to Eezy users

Whether it is a complicated contract, question about personal taxation, solving disputes or editing the data privacy policy – we are here to help. Our legal phone answers mon 12-15 and thu 9-12 on 09 4242 1559.

Read more about our legal service.

Underwater art in Conttori

In September, we declared an unconventional art competition in order to find some talented artists to create some exceptional art on the walls of our Eezy Conttori restrooms.  The winning artists were Johanna Koskinen, Hämeenlinna, and Heidi Suikkanen, Tiuruniemi, whose suggestions and handprints truly spoke to us and caught our attention. We are now introducing one of the completed works of art in the restroom.

Johanna Koskinen is a multi-skilled artist from Hämeenlinna and she chose a marine theme. She has studied arts since her childhood and her skill and creativity keep improving over time. “I have always drawn a lot. When I heard about the wall-painting project, I knew right away, that it was like made for me. In addition to wall paintings, I do, for example, pencil portraits, design logos and ads for businesses, make tattoos and I am also an amateur photographer.”

Th art work can be seen on Eezy Conttori’s instagram and you are warmly welcome to see the whole piece on the spot. You can also follow Johanna’s projects on instagram @bouncybulldogdesign ja @jossu1021 and website

Want to improve your social media marketing?

Extremely popular Light Entrepreneur’s social media marketing -webinar is now on demand, available for all Eezy users. The webinar is in Finnish. Watch it here.

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