Hey there Eezy users

In October and in the midst of Autumn storms, we will discuss upcoming webinars, give some tips for light entrepreneurs, and warmly welcome Lohja’s customer service point into our network. We’ll also say a few words about esports-related job opportunities and go through your service satisfaction.

October tips

1. Price your work profitably from the start and always agree on work in writing

You will not regret this but trust us, you will regret not doing it. Take advantage of our salary calculator, ready-to-use contract templates and our professional customer service.

2. Have knowledge of your unemployment insurance

Any work done as a light entrepreneur is classified as an entrepreneurial activity in regard to unemployment insurance and does not create an employment condition for the employee. Unemployment insurance is affected by whether the work is full-time or secondary work through an invoicing service. Secondary work as an entrepreneur does not prevent the payment of unemployment benefit, in which case the amount takes into account the income from the entrepreneurial work.

3. Remember YEL insurance obligation

Keep track of your income because YEL insurance is mandatory for a light entrepreneur once their annual income exceeds 7 799,37€ (minimum on 2019). Check for more information and how to take care of YEL through Eezy. Take a look at our webinar: Kevytyrittäjän YEL-vakuutus / Light entrepreneur’s YEL insurance (in Finnish).

Eezy events!

Tue Nov 12th. At 1pm-2pm Webinar: Kevytyrittäjän pikastartti / Light entrepreneur’s Quickstart (in Finnish)

Are you having doubts about pricing your work, insurance issues, or how your salary payment occurs? Johanna Setänen, Service Manager at Eezy, summarizes into an hour everything you need to know as a light entrepreneur. There is also time at the end for some questions. The webinar is free of charge. Sign up here.

Thu Nov 20th. At 1pm-2pm Webinar: Kevytyrittäjän työttömyysturva / Light entrepreneur’s unemployment insurance (in Finnish)

Are you uncertain of unemployment insurance? What is the unemployment insurance like for a light entrepreneur? Does being a full-time or part-time invoicing service user affect your unemployment benefit? As a light entrepreneur, can you qualify for earnings-related daily allowance? These questions are answered by Petja Eklund, the unemployment insurance Expert at the JRC. Sign up here.

How likely are we to be recommended?

We continuously measure customer satisfaction with an NPS survey. The NPS, or Net Promoter Score, answers the question, “How likely would you recommend a business service to a friend?”. The NPS number can range from -100 to 100. If your company has an NPS score above 0 = most customers would recommend the company, over 50 NPS = excellent, and over 70 NPS = world class.

Our NPS number since the beginning of 2019 is 66.2. In particular, the NPS for salary payment flow is staggeringly high, over 70! This brings us tremendous joy because, above all, it tells us that in your opinion, our activities, encounters, and overall service have succeeded for the most parts.

We do not think that these figures are something to settle with. We want to be the best light entrepreneur service provider in Finland. We are always eager to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement are especially welcome. If you run into a feedback survey while signing up for our service, be sure to answer – we will read every feedback with thought.

Light entrepreneur – tell us about your work and make an impact!

Have you already answered to Uusi työ ry’s survey about light entrepreneurship? Uusi työ ry is a promoter and an advocate for self-employment and light entrepreneurship, and Eezy is a member of the organization.

You still have time to answer on Friday 18.10. It’ll only take a few minutes to reply to the survey. It is completely anonymous, thank you in advance for your time! The results of the survey will be utilized in the social debate that Uusi työ ry is conducting to improve the social security and operating conditions of light entrepreneurs. Take the survey.

Esports is coming, are you ready?

In September we attended the largest esports event in Finland at the Arctic Invitational. The event attracted a lot of crowd, both on stage and behind the scenes.

Eezy strongly supports and monitors the development of the esports industry as it is predicted to grow at a fast pace and provide job opportunities for many skilled workers, especially in those fields of profession that are typically self-employed and entrepreneurial. Already, esports is being watched more than traditional ice hockey, and as popularity and sponsorships increase, the need for manpower can be expected to grow.

TIP! Whether you are an event production professional, a fashion designer, a graphic designer, a mechanic, a mixer, a photographer, a salesman, a coach, a streamer, a promoter, a DJ, consider this – would you be able to expand your expertise to esports? Please feel free to contact the industry professionals and offer your services. Our experience is that the industry is young and forward-looking, and the work is done ambitiously with a positive attitude and in good spirit.

Lohja rules!

We have opened up a new customer service point to Lohja, Kauppakatu 4 B, next to the VMP office. You’re welcome to visit us, you can book a personal appointment by calling 09 4242 1567 or email lohja@eezy.fi