In November’s newsletter we’ll show off the art that has been placed in the Conttori co-working space, go through some interesting webinars, and tell you a little bit about our Swedish customer service!

Customer service in Swedish

Fluent service now in Swedish. Elmer Pöytäniemi, who until now has worked with tax cards and certificates, has moved to Eezy’s customer service thus, enabling us to provide our customers with the best service daily also in Swedish! In addition to Swedish, Elmer also speaks Finnish and English fluently. Elmer has worked at Eezy almost for two years now and has gained a great deal of knowhow to support the new role: “It’s really great to be able to assist our Swedish speaking customers in their native language, I believe it will translate as better service for many”. You can reach Elmer from our customer service number 09 4247 5630.

On our website, we have now added all our service languages under each employee.

Exhausting writing down your expenses?

We receive plenty of questions about writing down the expenses, so we decided to clarify the guidelines for this. Here are five quick tips for marking your expenses:

  • You have to pay your expenses yourself, expenses paid by others cannot be invoiced
  • Expense form should have your own name or your marketing name. I.e. your old company’s name or company ID is not acceptable
  • Add each expense receipt on its own row
  • Mark the date for the expense row same as the purchase date, meaning, it should not be the date of the expense form or date of the payment for the expense receipt
  • Describe clearly the meaning for the purchase, i.e. “wall paint for apartment renovation” is clear whereas “equipment” is unclear.

You should also familiarize yourself with the clarified guidelines regarding the expense form on our website. From there, you can find for example which purchases are accepted as expenses, how to fill in the expense form, and also how to send the receipts. Our customer service can also assist you by phone 09 4247 5630 or by email


In order to simplify matters regarding invoicing, expense deduction, and salary payment, we aim to clarify all our guidelines and terms in Extranet. There will be no changes to the functionalities so you’ll find Extranet working the same way as before. All changes will be done by the end of this week. Read more about the changes.

Eezy events!

Webinar: Light Entrepreneur’s unemployment security Nov 29th
If you are in any way concerned or merely interested in the unemployment security matters, you should definitely attend this popular webinar! At the webinar, we’ll have Petja Eklund from the General unemployment fund discussing different topics and answering all your questions. Registration and more info

Conttori open doors Nov 29th
You can try our Eezy Conttori work space for free during the open doors day November 29th between 9am-9pm. The open doors day is held each month on the 3rd Thursday of the month. We welcome you all work with us!

Webinar: All you need is skill Dec 12th
If your colleague or any other acquaintance is only considering employing themselves through an invoicing service, you can tip them off with this webinar. We will share some insight at the webinar about starting the process and also offer the encouragement they just might need. Registration and more info

Events calendar
We inform about our future events on our website in the News and events section and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

Straw poll: Which topic would you like discussed in a webinar?

Would you be interested in a webinar on a particular topic? This topic may be related to light entrepreneurship or be of interest due to your profession or a hobby. At this point, you don’t need any good luck charms; your wish may come true just by letting us know what it is.

Click here to access our quick straw poll and let us make your wish a reality!

Skillful art at Conttori

In September, we declared an unconventional art competition in order to find some talented artists to create some exceptional art on the walls of our Eezy Conttori restrooms.  The winning artists were Johanna Koskinen, Hämeenlinna, and Heidi Suikkanen, Tiuruniemi, whose suggestions and handprints truly spoke to us and caught our attention. We are now introducing the first completed work of art in the restroom.

Heidi Suikkanen began her art project in October and we have been able to follow the progress on Eezy Conttori as well as Heidi’s own Instagram accounts. Now that the masterpiece is finished, we can only admire the beautiful artwork Heidi has created for us! The art is done with marker and the theme consists of, i.a., a sink and an apparatus that takes care of the illumination in the restroom. Thank you, Heidi, it has been a pleasure watch you create art out of nothing and we’re all completely infatuated with the outcome of your work. You can follow Heidi’s work on Instagram @hsuikkanen.

Next we get to see the second masterpiece in progress. Johanna Koskinen has already started drafting her ocean-themed art and we’ll be able to see the final creation before the end of November. You can follow Johanna’s progress on Eezy Conttori’s Instagram @eezy_conttori, on Johanna’s own Insta-accounts @jossu1021 and @bbtattoodesign, or merely by dropping in at Conttori!

Check out Conttori work space


We have opened a customer service desk in Kouvola in the vicinity of VMP office!
If you need hands-on guidance or help, get in touch with us:
09 4242 1563 or
Keskikatu 4, 45100 Kouvola.