Recommendation reward renewed – recommend Eezy and earn money

Recommendation reward is now even better! Tell your friend, family, colleague, and even your friend’s uncle about Eezy Light Entrepreneur service. If you’re a registered user and recommend Eezy to others, as a thank you we will give you a service fee discount worth of 150 €. Also, your friend will receive a registering benefit worth of 25 €.

Recommendation reward activates once your friend’s invoicing amount (VAT 0%) exceeds 1 000 €. There is no roof limit for receiving recommendation rewards so you can recommend Eezy care-free to as many people as you like. Virtually, one 150 € recommendation reward means you can invoice around 2 400 € without paying our service fee.

How can I recommend?

1. Give your own personal recommendation code to the future Eezy user. You can find your code from our online service under ”My profile”.
2. Instruct your friend to put the code in when registering to Eezy.
3. We will handle the rest!

Read more about the Recommendation reward.