What does it mean to be self-employed through Eezy?

Self-employment through Eezy is a modern and flexible way to employ yourself in the labour market. You can concentrate on what you do best: Selling and marketing your expertise and service. Agree on the price and schedules directly with your clients and we’ll take care of the paperwork for you. Your client will receive an official invoice and we’ll pay your salary based on the invoicing price.

Eezy is easier than having your own company. You do not have to apply for company registration, do bookkeeping or fill in an entrepreneurs´ tax returns. When you don't have to worry about entrepreneurs' liabilities and paperwork, you can focus on what you're good at - working and marketing your services. We will help you make your dreams a reality.

How does Eezy work?

1. Register to Eezy by using Finnish net bank ID before starting the work assignment. Thus, you’ll make sure that the accident and liability insurance (which are included in our service) are valid during the assignment.

2. Make an agreement about the work directly with your client and inform them you’ll be invoicing through Eezy. (Tip. In Eezy Extranet you can download contract templates for either companies or private client assignments.)

3. Once the work is done, fill in an invoicing draft in Extranet. Based on the invoicing draft we’ll send the official invoice to your client.

4. When your client has paid the invoice and we’ve received the payment, we’ll pay your salary on the date that you have selected.

Want to know more? Please see the detailed description of the service

Considering to become an Eezy user?

When trying out something new, you’re bound to have some questions. This is why we have our own customer service number for registered new users or for those considering light entrepreneurship as an option. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on: +358 9 4242 1565 or via email on startti.kevytyrittajat@eezy.fi.

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