In order to simplify matters regarding invoicing, expense deduction, and salary payment, we aim to clarify all our guidelines and terms in Extranet. The changes will be published during week 47/2018 and the most significant changes are:

  • Invoicing form changes to Invoice draft.

This change is to clarify the fact that we’ll form the invoice sent to your client based on the draft that you have sent to us, for example, all invoicing rows marked on the draft will stay on the invoice as you entered them into the draft.

  • The sections Invoicing forms and Expense forms in the main menu (top bar in Extranet), will be abbreviated to Invoicing and Expenses, and the contents of these remain the same.
  • We decided to let go of the hideous term Salary payment rule, and instead, we’ll simply discuss when you’d like your salary to be paid. As usual, this option can be selected under My profile.

There will be no changes to the functionalities so you’ll find Extranet working the same way as before.