Eezy is easier than your own company

When working through Eezy you do not need your own company or business ID, so you are free from all measures required to establish a company. Because you are not an entrepreneur you do not have entrepreneur’s liabilities. You will not need bookkeeping, nor year-end closing of the books. Entrepreneur’s liabilities and paperwork takes your time and energy. Working through Eezy makes it possible to concentrate on marketing and doing what you are best at.

Own CompanyEezy
Establishing a business, trade registration notification, and business identification numberStarting a business requires the owner to register a business name or to establish a companyYou do not need a commercial name or to establish a company. You can operate using your own name or under a name you choose for marketing purposes.
VAT and tax prepayment registrationWorking as an entrepreneur typically requires VAT registration and tax prepayment registrationYou do not need VAT or tax prepayment registration
Pre-tax application from authoritiesThe business owner must estimate their anticipated earnings, from which the tax authorities will determine the appropriate pre-tax. Taxes are due, for example, monthly.You do not need pre-tax authorization. We pay your income as a salary, and submit the corresponding taxes based on your tax card status.
Accident insurance


Accident insurance is not required, but coverage is advisable.You will be insured during the work with an accident insurance by Eezy
Liability insuranceLiability insurance is not required, but it is recommended in order to reduce financial risk. Many business sectors require contractor liability insurance.Eezy service includes a liability insurance which covers person or product damages to the client or third parties up to 1 million Euros. For consultants, Eezy has a separate insurance. The insurance does not cover management consulting, condition assessment consulting or foremen work.
Bookkeeping, year-end closing of the books


Business owners are always required to maintain their accounts. You can do it yourself, but in most cases it is handled by an accounting firm.You do not need to do bookkeeping, nor do you need to handle the year-end closing of the books.
VAT calculation and payment


Business owners calculate VAT and submit payment. You can do this yourself, but in most cases it is handled by an accounting firm.You do not need to calculate VAT, nor report it to the tax authorities. We calculate the taxes and pay the tax authorities based on your billings.
Entrepreneur’s income tax filing


The business owner does this yearly, based on their tax report, bookkeeping, and year-end closing-of-the-books.You do not need to do your income tax filing, as Eezy pays for your work activity as a normal salary.
Other paperwork


Bookkeeping may be outsourced to an accounting firm. Regardless, the business owner will have to do paperwork.Through Eezy, you do not have additional paperwork, nor other business-related obligations.
Preparing and submission of invoices


The business owner typically handles this, often with the help of an invoicing program.We will create and send your invoice. You shall send your invoicing order form through Extranet. You choose whether your bills are sent as paper invoices, through email, or via e-invoice. Your invoice will be sent to your client on the same day if we receive correctly filled invoice before 2pm. In Extranet you have many helpful functions, such as client register. You can also follow the invoicing process in real time.


In case of delayed payment the business owner typically send notification invoice to client.
If the payment is not received even after this, the business owner typically submits the unpaid balance to a collection agency.
You can send customers payment reminders through the extranet system. If necessary, you can submit the bill to our collection agency, for which there is no charge.
Possibility of immediate payment


Customers generally have 7-30 days to remit payment.You can get your salary the same day your invoice is sent with the EezyExpress service.
Help with your questions


Entrepreneur usually has to find sources for information by themselves.When you work through Eezy, you will always have our help available. We answer your questions through phone, chat or email. You can always also reserve time for personal meeting at our office.
NetworkingWe host, for example, info-session to new and old clients but also annual spring party to all active Eezy users. These are beneficial opportunities to create contacts, exchange experiences or even expand clientele, or find new working partners.
Entrepreneur’s pension insurance (YEL)YEL-insurance is mandatory if certain requirements are fulfilled.YEL-insurance is mandatory if certain requirements are fulfilled. You can take care of your YEL insurance matters with pension insurance company Elo through Eezy.