Using an invoicing service is Eezy as 123!

Register as a member.
Submit your tax card and fill in an invoicing draft.
We’ll pay out your salary and deduct all the compulsory fees.

Register as a user of Eezy invoicing service

Become a user here. Registration is free and does not oblige you to anything. You can register and easily identify yourself using Finnish net bank codes, which is the easiest way. If you don’t have Finnish net bank codes, you can also register by only using your e-mail address and complete the identification later on. In this case, please contact our customer service so we can contact you to complete the process. You can also chat with us from the bottom right corner, or call us on (+358) 09 4247 5630. Directly after registration you will receive a password to your email. Once logged in to Extranet, you can create your first invoice!

You can market and sell your work as an entrepreneur

In marketing you can use your name or a marketing name. You will also decide the price and conditions of your work. Our salary calculator helps you to determine your invoicing price. In Extranet you can download contract templates for both customer and private clients.

We’ll help you invoice your work

You can invoice domestic or international companies or associations, but also private individuals. Additionally, you can invoice materials, tools, travels, etc., expenses from your client.

Invoicing is easy, you shall fill in an invoicing draft in Eezy Extranet. You can choose whether you want the invoice to be sent by post, email or e-invoice. We will send your invoice to your client during the same day, if we receive the correctly filled invoicing draft before 5pm. After sending the invoicing draft, you can follow it in Extranet in real time.

Your expenses are deductible

Your work-related expenses are primarily deductible through us. These expenses can be e.g. material-, supply- and travel expenses and they must be related to the invoiced work. Thus, you will pay taxes and other mandatory costs only from the actual work price. The work related expenses shall be reported to us through an expense form in Extranet.

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You will get the results of your work as a net salary

Your salary is based on the invoicing sum. We’ll deduct our service fee and the mandatory costs from the VAT-free invoicing sum. Your gross salary is the VAT-free invoicing sum, which your withholding tax is deducted from, according to the percentage on your tax card. Mandatory costs, which are the social security fee and the accident insurance fee are deducted after your tax withholding from your net salary. You can add these to your personal tax return form as standard earned-income deductions.

In normal circumstances we will calculate and pay your salary on the next weekday at the latest, once the payment from your client has been deposited on to our account, and you’ve chosen your salary to be paid ‘Immediately when invoice paid’. If you don’t want to wait until your salary payment period, you can request the salary immediately after the invoice has been sent to your client by using our EezyExpress salary service.

Light entrepreneur’s YEL insurance

Users of invoicing services, i.e. light entrepreneurs, are classified as entrepreneurs for pension insurance purposes. This means that you are responsible for arranging your own pension insurance with the YEL insurance if your entrepreneurial activity fulfills the demands of the YEL insurance. Read more about YEL insurance through Eezy.

We will take care and remind you of important matters

  • We will reply to all messages during the next business day at the latest.
  • We will call you back during the same day so you don’t have to call us twice.
  • We will check all invoice drafts arrived by 5pm during the same business day.
  • If your payday is “Immediately when the invoice has been paid”, you will always receive your salary during the same weekday if your client’s payment arrives by 5pm and there is nothing to clarify. Otherwise, we will pay your salary on the payday you have chosen.
  • We will handle all EezyExpress-requests arrived by 12pm during the same business day.
  • You can print out a salary payment certificate directly from Extranet. Tailored certificates will be handled within 2-5 business days at your request.

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