Generally, we pay your salary once we have received the payment from your client. However, you have a chance to receive your salary after sending an invoice draft through EezyExpress service. Thus, the salary will be on your account even on the invoicing day.

When EezyExpress is possible:

  • Your invoice is addressed to a company, state, municipality or other community operating in Finland.
  • The invoice recipient does not have any payment default entries or overdue EezyExpress invoices. We always review the recipient’s credit rating.
  • The invoice must be final and indisputable. We will check for indisputableness as necessary.
  • You do not have other EezyExpress salaries open to the same client.
  • The total amount of open EezyExpress invoices will not exceed € 5,000. The amount may consist of one or more invoices.
  • If you are a new light entrepreneur, your first EezyExpress salary can be up to € 2,000.
  • The invoice related costs and expense receipts must be in our hands at the time of salary payment; expenses arriving later cannot be taken into consideration.

Please note that we reserve the right to approve or reject the EezyExpress salary request and we may also limit the total amount if necessary. If, however, your client does not pay the invoice in full, you must reimburse the corresponding amount.

EezyExpress service has additional fee of 5% + VAT from the invoicing price (VAT 0%).

How to apply for EezyExpress?

EezyExpress service is invoice specific. You can apply for Express salary in our Extranet with an invoice draft under EezyExpress. If you wish to apply for Express salary from an already sent invoice, please send an email to Remember to mention the invoice number of the invoice you wish to use for the Express salary.

Please also remember to deliver your tax card before applying for EezyExpress salary.

We process all EezyExpress requests that arrive before 12pm on the same work day.
Invoices that require indisputableness checks we process on the next work day once we have received the check.

Why is your client being asked for an indisputableness check?

There are some human errors in invoices, such as incorrect amounts and invoicing addresses. Invoices are also complained about unjustifiably as well as with good grounds. With an indisputableness check, we verify that the invoice is correct, final, and payable by the payer.

The indisputableness check also protects you: After your dispute is cleared, your customer cannot claim the invoice, and we can first recover the overdue amount directly from your customer through debt collection. Ensuring the invoice is indisputable happens basically with an email that you can either yourself forward to your customer or, with your permission, we will send it directly to your customer. In both cases, we will instruct making the dispute resolution.