Recommendation reward

Are you satisfied with our service and would you recommend Eezy to others based on your experience? When you recommend Eezy to friends, colleagues, neighbors or anyone – you will receive a recommendation reward for it. In addition to you benefiting financially from each new Eezy user that you recommend, the new user will also receive 25 € for the sign-up-bonus.

The amount of recommendation reward

The reward is 150 € and will be paid to you when your friend’s invoicing amount excluding VAT exceeds 1 000 €. There is no limit to receiving recommending rewards, so you can safely recommend Eezy to as many as you want.

We will email you when the amount has been reached. You can take advantage of the reward as a service fee discount, meaning that you can invoice around 2 400 € without paying Eezy’s service fee.

In turn, your friend will receive a 25 € service fee discount when they register, which will allow them to invoice up to about 400 € without any service fees.

Do this

Enter your personal recommendation code for the future Eezy user. You can find your code on the Extranet under “My Profile”.

Instruct the new Eezy user to enter the recommendation code when registering. This way, you will both benefit from using the recommendation code.

Recommending Eezy on website and blog

You can share your recommendation code on your own website. We also accept the presentation of the referral campaign on the blog if it is in a natural, Eezy-related context. We do not accept the general distribution of recommendation code, for example, on pages that only focus on distributing various promotional codes. We reserve the right to disable the recommendation code if we detect any abuse. Always contact us before sharing your code publicly, your contact person with referral matters is Minna Mäkelä, tel. +358 9 4242 1555,