Handbook for self-employed person

It is important for us that all our service users are thoroughly insured. We have acquired an accident insurance, which covers accidents occurred while working. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions here.

We will pay your salary, withhold taxes, and send monthly and annual reports to tax authorities.

In terms of taxation and bookkeeping you are an employee. You are considered as an entrepreneur in terms of unemployment benefits. You can apply adjusted earnings-related allowance if the entrepreneurial activity is considered to be part-time.

In terms of pension insurance you are considered under YEL, and therefore responsible for acquiring an insurance for yourself. We have made YEL insuring as easy as possible and you can take care of your YEL insurance matters with the pension insurance company Elo through Eezy. Pension insurance payments are deductible in your tax return. Read more about YEL insurance through Eezy.

When using an invoicing service like Eezy, you agree and confirm that, according to Employment Contracts Act, you are not in an employment relationship with your Client.

You can download and print salary and work certificates directly from Extranet.

If you are not able to download certificates yourself, you can request a certificate by contacting our customer service. Remember to include following in your request:

  • What kind of certificate you need?
    • E.g. salary certificate, job certificate or estimate of salary certificate
  • The time period, you want the certificate from
  • Do you need dates of work on your certificate? If yes, please include the dates in your request, or attach a description of the dates.


In case your client does not pay the invoice, you can request Eezy to send a reminder to your client. The request can be done in Extranet. If we do not receive the payment even after the remainder, we can send, at your request, a notification to your client that the debt will be transferred to our cooperator OK Perintä Oy. The requirement for collection is that the invoice is undisputed.

All the actions mentioned above are free of charge. Payment reminder and collection requests shall be sent to us through Extranet.

Fill in your travel information including address (street name, number, city), dates, and times in the expense form in Extranet. Each day must be marked in the expense form separately. If your travel lasts multiple days (you do not return home between work days), you can mark down the days on the same row. Also write down any daily allowances or meal allowances in the same form. We can compensate travel expenses in accordance with the tax regulations either as tax-exempt or travel expenses liable to taxation.

Tax-exempt travel expenses

We can compensate travel expenses as tax-exempt compensations in accordance with the tax regulations. In order to do so, the expenses must be invoiced from your client separately.

Other than tax-exempt travel expenses

In case you don’t invoice travel expenses from your client separately, we can compensate the travel expenses to you without withholding tax. In other words, we won’t withhold taxes from the travel expenses in salary payment. However, the compensation is tax deductible, but you can deduct these travel expenses as income deductions in your personal taxation. In order to help filling out your tax proposal, in Extranet under ”My profile”, you can print out your annual tax report where all travel expenses have been specified separately.

See also: Deductible travel expenses in special fields of work

In larger and concurring assignment we recommend to have a written contract. In contracts you perform as a service provider, and Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk as is mentioned as ‘The work is invoiced through Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk’ or ‘The work is invoiced by Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk’. Through this your client will recognise your tax status. We are pleased to help you with creating a contract. We can also proofread your contract before signing.

In Extranet you can find contract templates for private and company clients. These templates are available for download.

In case the total amount of the non-contractual work/piecework exceeds 5000 €, we want to check the contract before signing. This does not concern hourly based work although the total amount exceeds 5000 €.

When working in special fields of work, deductible travel expenses are different than when working in normal fields of work. The main difference concerns the daily allowance. A person, who is working in a special field, is only entitled to a daily allowance, if the work requires them to stay overnight. Special fields apply to construction work, excavation or forest work. For these fields, it is typical to have short term work in various locations.

As It is not always clear whether you work in a special field or if your work is mobile, it’s good to check this before the work commences. The difference between these two are determined by the following: in mobile work, the location varies often, even up to many times a day. This demonstrates that a mobile worker changes their workplace more often than a person working in a special field. Normal tax regulations are applied to a mobile worker.

If you need any additional help or you are not sure whether you work in a special field, our lawyer Otto Michelsen will be happy to assist you, tel. +358 9 4242 1559 or lakipalvelut.kevytyrittajat@eezy.fi.

Your work-related expenses are primarily deductible through us. These expenses can be e.g. material-, supply- and travel expenses and they must be related to the invoiced work.

The expenses are deducted from the pre-VAT total of the invoice your client has paid primarily prior to the payroll, and only after this are the salary-related expenses deducted from the total amount.

Compensation of expenses requires that

  • On your invoicing draft, section ”3 Expense compensation”, you have selected either ”I have work related expenses” or “I will send the expense form later”.
  • You send the receipts and invoices with proof of payment to us electronically or the original items via mail.

Requirements for receipts:

  • Expense receipts cannot be older than two months from the salary payment date
  • Expense receipts can only contain work-related expenses
  • Expenses must be paid by you personally
  • Expense receipts should include your name or your marketing name used when billing through Eezy ( i.e. they cannot include your former company’s name or business ID)
  • An expense receipt may be subject to several different assignments, providing all the invoices that the receipt’s supplies were used in, are mentioned on the expense form.
  • An expense receipt can only be used once.
  • In case your expense receipt’s total sum is in other currency than Euro, please attach for example the transaction receipt from your payment card provider. With this we ensure, that the currency exchange rate and possible additional fee by your card provider is taken into account.

There are no personal- or work-related upper limits for the expenses. However, after the expenses have been compensated, a minimum wage imposed in the collective labor agreement should be earned. This may, in some scenarios, have certain limitations when considering the compensated expenses as well as the tax exempted travel expenses.

All purchases are not accepted as expenses

We can’t accept purchases that may be related to private use, or have long-term use. These expenses include clothes, phone, computer, accommodation and rental expenses, as well as tools designed for long-term use. You may be able to deduct these purchases ja expenses in your own personal taxation, if they are considered necessary for the production of your income.

Educational trainings, courses, and literature are also non-deductible through us.

See next: Filling in the expense form

As part of your salary payment Eezy service fee and social security fee are calculated from your invoicing price not including VAT. These fees are deducted from your net salary meaning after your withholding tax is deducted. For this reason, they are tax deductible in your personal taxation.

In case you get compensated for travel expenses, that you have not invoiced from your client on a separate row, the compensation is paid to you without withholding tax at that moment. However, those expenses are taxable income, that you mark down in to expenses for the production of income as part of your personal taxation.

For all the above-mentioned payments and fees, you can download a report by tax year from extranet. This makes marking them down on your tax return quick and easy.

Your possible YEL-payments (pension insurance) are also deductible.

With EezyExpress-salary service, you can receive the salary after filling out the invoice draft, before your client has paid the invoice. At fastest, you will receive your salary the day of invoicing.

Read more about EezyExpress-salary

If you have received withholding notice from the Enforcement office, we will withhold the garnished share from your net salary or invoicing price, and transfer it to Enforcement office account. Enforcement does not generally concern tax exempted expenses or other work-related expenses that are covered to you.

In a situation where you want to establish a company instead of working through Eezy, please inform us.

Remember that if you have not previously had a company, you can apply for startup grant. The work experience gained through Eezy is a positive thing.

Fill in and send the expense form in Extranet prior to sending the receipts.

When filling in the expense form, choose from section “Add invoicing draft” the invoicing draft that the expenses are related to. You can only choose invoicing draft that your client is yet to pay and on that invoicing draft, you have chosen the section “I will send the expense form later”. After you have chosen the correct invoicing draft related to your expenses, place your receipt under the section “Expense receipts”.

  • Write down each expense receipt on a new row
  • If there are several different VAT-rates on one receipt, all different VAT-rates should be added on separate rows. If your purchase is from abroad, choose VAT as 0%, regardless of that country’s VAT-rate.
  • The date of the expense row is the date of the payment receipt (cash and card purchases). If the purchase is made by invoice, the date of the expense row is the date of the invoice, not the day of the payment receipt.
  • Write down a clarification for the purchase (for example, “equipment” is not adequate, you must explain in detail the materials you have purchased).

If your expenses are not related to a single invoicing draft, please write under “Additional information” how you would like your expenses compensated, for example, “take into account in the next salary payment”. In this case as well, you must choose one invoicing draft going into salary payment.

See next: Sending expense receipts

Natural persons who do not have an active company are able to use Eezy invoicing service, but also in which area of business the invoiced work is not included.

You can invoice work-related supply, material, and travel expenses from your client, according to what you have agreed with them prior to invoicing. Fill in the information in the section “Invoicing for travel and goods expenses”.

You can agree upon the amount for invoiced travel expenses directly with your client, and these do not have to be in accordance with the tax regulations. In order to receive a compensation for tax exempted travel expenses, they must be invoiced from your client, each on a separate row.

Any possible monetary gain from supplies and materials are handled when paying out your salary in the same way as your actual income.

Please deliver all purchase receipts to us, along with your other expense receipts


See directions:

Deducting expenses

Filling in expense form

Sending expense receipts

Compensation of travel expenses

Eezy service includes a liability insurance which covers person or product damages to the client or third parties up to 1 million Euros. Liability insurance does not cover costs which are caused by lack of expertise or insufficient preparation for work.

For consultants, Eezy has a separate insurance. The insurance does not cover management consulting, condition assessment consulting or foremen work.

You must be registered user of Eezy to have this insurance valid during work.

If you have not received salary from Eezy for a year, please notify us before the work that you are continuing to work through Eezy. By this you ensure that the insurance is valid. For more information, please contact our customer service.

You can deliver us a mandate, if you want to give another person a right to operate with us for you. Our customer service will send you a template upon your request, or you can send us an open format mandate. Please note that the following information must be included on the mandate: signatures, names in print and social security numbers of both parties, as well as time and place.

Through Eezy, it’s possible to deduct hourly or daily billed rental expenses as a cost reimbursement when the expenses are directly related to the invoiced work, that is, the lease time coinciding with the actual working time.

Deduction of monthly rent through Eezy is possible only when we can verify that your rental is directly related to your work and is in no personal use. For example, a rental chair for a hairdresser is considered directly related to the work. Instead, a rental of a storage space is not considered a direct cost to perform a job, therefore, you can not deduct this through Eezy (similar costs may be deductible in your personal taxation).

In terms of pension insurance, you are considered under YEL-insurance and you are personally responsible of the YEL payments.

We have made YEL insuring as easy as possible and you can take care of your YEL insurance matters with pension insurance company Elo through Eezy. The insurance payments are deductible on your personal tax return.

Read more about YEL insurance through Eezy.

We will calculate and pay your salary on the next day at the latest once we have received the payment from your client, unless you have selected another date for your salary payment.

Please send us your tax card before we pay out your salary. If we don’t have a valid tax card when paying out your salary, we will need to withhold 60% tax according to the Tax Authority guidelines. You can send your tax card directly through Extranet.

Please also fill out expense form in case you have work related expenses.

You can stop using our service anytime you want, without any further consequences. If you would like to deactivate your account, please contact our customer service.

If you are satisfied with a service, you should tell about it to other people. With Eezy, you should even do a little more than just tell them about it!

By recommending Eezy to your friends, colleagues or network, and asking them to register to the service by using your recommendation code, you can get service fee discount. You will receive 150 euros for each new user, who registers using your code. You will receive the bonus when the person’s, who has registered using your code, invoicing amount excluding VAT exceeds 1 000 €. Read more detailed instruction here.

You can register in our website using your net bank id. Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to finish the registration.

If you don’t use net bank, you can contact us via email and arrange a meeting at our office for registration.

Once your client’s payment becomes visible in our system, we will calculate and pay your salary without delay on the date you have selected. There are several options (for example ‘On the 1th day of the month’ or ‘Twice a month: 7th and 22nd of the month’) available to you, you can change your selection in Extranet under My profile.

Please send us your tax card before we pay out your salary. If we don’t have a valid tax card when paying out your salary, we will need to withhold 60% tax according to the Tax Authority guidelines. You can send your tax card directly through Extranet.

Our salary payment bank is Nordea.

If you need your salary quickly, check EezyExpress service.

Sending expense receipts electronically 

We recommend that all expense receipts are sent electronically in order to avoid any delay due to mail delivery and to ensure timely salary payment.

  1. Take a clear picture of receipts/invoices for example with your phone’s camera or scan them.
  2. If you have several receipts, you can place 1-4 receipts on an A4 so that all of them can be easily read.
  3. Choose the receipts you are sending with your expense form electronically. Attach the files in PDF- or JPG- form.

Keep the original receipts/invoices until salary payment in case the files you have sent are damaged and we must ask you to send them again.


If you cannot send the expense receipt electronically, you can also mail them to us. Please attach a separate document with your name and contact information on it, as well as the number of the expense form that the receipts/invoices are related to. In case the receipts are unclear regarding the purpose of use, attach a clarifying statement with the receipts.

Please note that the arrival of documents via mail may take several days.

Write the following address on the envelope:

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk
Itämerenkatu 3, 4th floor, 00180 Helsinki

You choose your pay day. We will pay your salary according to your choice either directly after your client has paid the invoice or on the pay day you’ve selected in Extranet. You can choose one of the following options:

  • Immediately when invoice paid
  • On the 1th day of the month
  • On the 7th day of the month
  • On the 14th day of the month
  • On the 22nd day of the month
  • On the last day of the month
  • Twice a month: 1st and 14th day of the month
  • Twice a month: 7th and 22nd of the month
  • Twice a month: 14th and the last day of the month

Read about our service fee from the Price list-page.

While using Eezy, we usually invoice your work with VAT (24%). There are certain business sectors, where the VAT is lower or even 0%. In case you work in a field where the VAT differs from the normal, please contact our customer service before starting your work, and make sure that Eezy is suitable for you.

It is possible to invoice through us by using Reversed VAT in construction business.

When selling services outside EU, VAT is 0% while in the EU internal market the VAT is reversed and the VAT liability relies on the buyer.

In case your client is a company you can report the invoicing price to the client in offer/contract situation without VAT (xxx,xx € + VAT). For private clients the invoicing price must always include the VAT, e.g., xxx,xx € (incl. VAT)

Please send us your valid Tax card before we pay out your salary. If you need a new tax card because of changed estimated income, you can acquire it through Tax Card online service.

The Tax card can be sent to us through extranet. We do not need the original paper copy of your Tax card. Picture, or a scanned file is valid for us. If we don’t have a valid Tax card when paying out your salary, we will need to withhold 60% tax according to the Tax Authority guidelines.

Please make sure that in all cases you send the actual Tax card, not only the decision about the tax card.

If you want to send your tax card by post, our postal address is:

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk
Itämerenkatu 3
00180 Helsinki

Use this address also in case you have ordered a Tax card from the tax authorities and want them to deliver it to us.

Tax card and YEL insurance

Please make sure that your withholding tax percentage isn’t too low and that you’re not paying the social security fee twice.

When invoicing through Eezy, according to the Pensions Authority (Eläketurvakeskus) you are an entrepreneur. Therefore, we don’t automatically deduct your pension insurance fee from your salary (Tyel).

If the pension and unemployment fees are taken in to account on your tax card as a deduction, your withholding tax percentage may be too low. Therefore, it’s good to check that your pension and unemployment fees are not included when applying for a new tax card for any income you will receive through Eezy. You can also do this in OmaVero for the income amount you will receive through Eezy.

In addition, your annual income needs to be informed in the “income and fringe benefits” section.

If you have an YEL insurance, make sure you remove the double social security fee from the withholding tax calculation. To do this:

  1. For the tax card, inform your YEL income and the amount of paid YEL insurance fees that have been taken into account in deductions made from your earned income.
  2. Inform the income you’ve received through Eezy in the “income and fringe benefits” part as well as the “YEL or MYEL insured entrepreneur’s income” part.


You can either do the work by yourself or in a group with other registered service providers. However, all members of the group need to be registered to Eezy before the work starts. In the invoicing draft the share of each worker of the total amount shall be determined. All service providers have to send their own expense form if there are work-related expenses.

In terms of pension insurance, you are considered under YEL-insurance and you are personally responsible of the YEL payments.

We have made YEL insuring as easy as possible and you can take care of your YEL insurance matters with pension insurance company Elo through Eezy. The insurance payments are deductible on your personal tax return.

Read more about YEL insurance through Eezy.