Hey all Eezy members!

This month we want to share some news about a change in the salary payment rules, the light entrepreneur’s unemployment insurance guide, our Fall events, and also introduce you all to the newest members in our Eezy staff.

Changes in salary payment rules Sept 26th

We will be changing to a system where the salary slip is always generated automatically and will be paid immediately after the payment is visible to us, or at the latest, on the day you have requested on your profile. After this change, it is no longer possible to collect payments on a salary slip for more than a month.

If you currently have your salary payment rule set to Collecting or pay After a certain amount, the system will automatically change the rule to the 14th day of the month. Before the next payday (Oct. 14th), you should change the rule to fit your needs.

Two regular paydays

In the future, it will be possible to choose one or two regular paydays per month or, choose to pay the salary immediately after the payment has been made. You can pick the most appropriate salary payment rule for yourself after Sept 26th. The salary payment rules can be chosen from Extranet from the same place as usual.

Deliver your tax card on time

If we have not received a valid tax card from you at the time of the payment, we are forced, according to tax guidelines, to withhold 60% of your salary payment. Please make sure to always provide a tax card well before the payment. You can send your tax card via Extranet.

For more information about the salary payment rules, see our web pages. Additionally, please feel free to call our customer service 09 4247 5630 if you have any questions. This change relates to the instructions issued earlier by the tax office stating that tax withholdings must be delivered at the same time as the salary can be withdrawn.

The freshly-made guide for light entrepreneur’s unemployment insurance

A Guide by YTK clarifies the practices of the industry

The general unemployment fund has published an unemployment insurance guide to help all those who have chosen the path for light entrepreneurship. The guide aims to clarify, for example, when applying for unemployment benefit, in which situations a light entrepreneur can be considered an employee vs an entrepreneur, and also how the active model affects light entrepreneurs.

Click to the guide here

Eezy happenings!

Conttori Open doors Sept 27th

If you missed your chance last month, you now have the opportunity to try our workstations at Eezy Conttori for free during the Open doors on Sept 27th between 9am-9pm. Open doors are held once a month. Come try out our amazing workspace!


How do I mark my expenses on the expense form? How do I fill out an invoicing form? Do I need YEL insurance? Various topics depicted this Autumn in very compact, short webinars where we’ll answer all your questions.

Events calendar

We will inform you about the upcoming events in our News section and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned!

New faces in the office

Otto Michelsen, lawyer

We are happy to introduce our very own lawyer who will be helping our Eezy users as well as our staff with the twists and turns associated with the role of the employer. We have known Otto for several years from the time he was still in the midst of his studies, and in addition to law, Otto is very familiar with the invoicing service industry. “It is a pleasure to be able to solve legal challenges and through that, push this sector and the position of the self-employed forward.”

Minna Mäkelä, marketing communications

Since the beginning of May, Minna has been helping Eezy’s marketing team working side-by-side with Saija. On her desktop, you can find traces from our web pages, social media, overall visual look, and marketing campaigns, to mention a few. “Every day I’m happy to be part of this heartfelt group full of different personalities who make waffles for lunch and take care of all kinds of situations with the utmost expertise, and yet, never fail to put the customer first.”

Oskar Michelsen, administration

Osku started in Eezy after the Summer helping us all wherever and whenever there was a need. We were able to snatch this basketball player returning to Finland directly from Davidson University, United States. Osku does everything he promises, and more, analytically and efficiently. As a bonus, he is able to reach all kinds of things from the top shelves. “Based on the past few weeks, there will be diverse and challenging tasks at handwith the support from a great team.”

Looking for a quiet and affordable workspace in the heart of Helsinki?

Well, as it happens to be, you can find exactly that from Eezy Conttori in Hakaniemi! Conttori facilities can be booked conveniently in advance online, by calling, or just by spontaneously dropping in. In addition to workstations and rooms, Conttori has two meeting rooms that are suitable for trainings and meetings, for example. Naturally, all our Eezy users can book the premises with great prices.

Check out the rooms


During the Autumn, we will open new Eezy customer service centers in Turku, Tampere and Kouvola in the vicinity of VMP’s locations. Thus, our service network will grow up to 12 locations.