Who can use Eezy invoicing service? In which situations can one act as a light entrepreneur?

Eezy invoicing service is suitable for both, full-time light entrepreneurship and invoicing temporary work in almost any situation. See, to whom is Eezy suitable for.

Listed below are few exceptional situations in which the suitability of using the service must be assessed separately – in such scenarios, please contact our customer service before starting your work.

  • You work in a licensed area
  • You have your own business
  • You are a citizen of a non-EU country, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland
  • You are a minor
  • You are going to work in Norway
  • You sell your service on the web platform
  • You want to receive payments in cash or use a payment terminal

If you are a minor, you are welcome to use Eezy invoicing service. However, you will need a permission from your guardian to start using the service.

Restricted work

There are certain occupations you can’t invoice through Eezy as a light entrepreneur or which have restrictions. You can find a list of these occupations here.


Registration is free and does not oblige you to anything. You can register and easily identify yourself using Finnish net bank codes, which is the easiest way. Directly after registration you will receive a password to your email. Once logged in to Extranet, you can create your first invoice!

If you don’t have Finnish net bank codes, you can also register by only using your e-mail address and complete the identification later on. In this case, please contact  our customer service so we can contact you to complete the process. The customer service will help you Mon-Thu 9am-5pm and Fri 9am-4pm. You can also chat with us from the bottom right corner, or call us on (+358) 09 4247 5630. You can also send email to info@eezy.fi.

Register here!

Liability insurance and accident insurance

Accident insurance and liability insurance during your work are included in our service and come into effect immediately after registration. Our insurance covers the most common industries and occupations, but if you work as a consultant, or in a special field, make sure to double check the details of your insurance coverage from our customer service before starting to work. More information on insurances.

Pension Insurance (YEL Insurance)

Users of invoicing services, i.e. light entrepreneurs, are classified as entrepreneurs for pension insurance purposes. This means that you are responsible for arranging your own pension insurance with the YEL insurance if your entrepreneurial activity fulfills the demands of the YEL insurance. Read more about YEL insurance through Eezy.

Pricing and agreeing on your work with your client

Agree on the work and its terms directly with your client. On the Extranet Agreements- tab, you will find assignment agreement contract templates for both consumer and non-consumer clients.

Please indicate the price of your work to your client as an hourly-based or completed assignment-based invoicing price. You can use our salary calculator to help determine the price. The salary calculator calculates directly the correct invoicing price based on your desired net salary. You can also calculate the net salary from a specific invoicing price.

When determining the price, you should consider the salary-related expenses:

  • Accident insurance payment
  • Eezy’s service fee (3-5 % + VAT)
  • Possibly applicable YEL insurance payment and the employer’s health insurance payment
  • Any work-related expenses
  • Your tax percentage will also affect the total remaining amount.
  • When you sell your work, VAT must always be included in the price, unless it is a specialty, such as construction work or performance. More information on VAT policies.
  • Please also note in pricing, the condition for paying tax-exempt travel expenses is that they are invoiced from the client separately.

Invoicing work

Once the work is done fill in your invoicing draft in Extranet. We will check and send your invoice to your clients.

If you want to charge your customer for supplies, materials, travel expenses, etc., mark them under ‘Invoicing for goods and travel expenses’. You must agree on these invoicing prices with your customer and, for example, invoiced travel expenses do not have to be according to the rules of tax office’s tax-exempt compensations.

Any surplus you possible have gained through invoicing travel expenses, supplies and materials, i.e. capital gain, will be treated as part of the work you receive through invoicing.

Reimbursement of work-related expenses

All work-related expenses are generally deductible through us. Your expenses can be, for example, materials, supplies and travel expenses and they must be related to the invoiced work.

For instructions on expenses, please see the links below:

Which expenses can I deduct?
How do I fill in an expense form?
How do I deliver expense receipts?

Salary payment

We will pay your salary immediately upon receiving a payment from your client, unless you have defined a specific payday for yourself. Our bank is Nordea. For each salary payment, you will receive a pay slip which you can download from the Extranet Payments- tab. We need your tax card before your salary payment at the latest. See instructions for delivering a tax card.

More detailed instructions on salary payment and payday selection: Salary payment and payday.

If you need your salary faster than usual, check out the EezyExpress service.

If you need a salary payment certificate for example for the unemployment fund or Kela, you can print it out for the period you selected from the Extranet Certificates section. If you need a work certificate, please contact tel. 09 4247 5634 or todistukset@eezy.fi or

Quitting the service

You can stop using our service anytime you want, without any further consequences. If you would like to deactivate your account, please contact info@eezy.fi.

Anything else we can help you with?

Our customer service will be happy to help you with any additional questions you may have about using the service, tel. +358 9 4247 5630 and info@eezy.fi.

Information and answers to various situations have been compiled comprehensively in the Self-Employment Manual.