Sending expense receipts

Sending expense receipts electronically 

We recommend that all expense receipts are sent electronically in order to avoid any delay due to mail delivery and to ensure timely salary payment.

  1. Take a clear picture of receipts/invoices for example with your phone’s camera or scan them.
  2. If you have several receipts, you can place 1-4 receipts on an A4 so that all of them can be easily read.
  3. Choose the receipts you are sending with your expense form electronically. Attach the files in PDF- or JPG- form.

Keep the original receipts/invoices until salary payment in case the files you have sent are damaged and we must ask you to send them again.


If you cannot send the expense receipt electronically, you can also mail them to us. Please attach a separate document with your name and contact information on it, as well as the number of the expense form that the receipts/invoices are related to. In case the receipts are unclear regarding the purpose of use, attach a clarifying statement with the receipts.

Please note that the arrival of documents via mail may take several days.

Write the following address on the envelope:

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk
Itämerenkatu 3, 4th floor, 00180 Helsinki