Deductions in personal taxation

As part of your salary payment Eezy service fee and social security fee are calculated from your invoicing price not including VAT. These fees are deducted from your net salary meaning after your withholding tax is deducted. For this reason, they are tax deductible in your personal taxation. In case you get compensated for travel […]


You can deliver us a mandate, if you want to give another person a right to operate with us for you. Our customer service will send you a template upon your request, or you can send us an open format mandate. Please note that the following information must be included on the mandate: signatures, names […]


Jos olet tyytyväinen johonkin palveluun, kannattaa siitä kertoa eteenpäin. Mutta Eezyn tapauksessa kannattaa tehdä vielä vähän enemmän kuin vain kertoa! Nimittäin suosittelemalla Eezyä tuttavillesi, kollegoillesi, verkostollesi ja pyytämällä heitä rekisteröitymään palveluun antamallasi suosittelukoodilla, voit saada palvelumaksualennusta. Saat 150 euroa jokaisesta suosituksesi kautta tulleesta uudesta Eezyn käyttäjästä siinä vaiheessa, kun heidän arvonlisäveroton laskutuksensa ylittää 1 000 […]

An employee or an entrepreneur?

We will pay your salary, withhold taxes, and send monthly and annual reports to tax authorities. In terms of taxation and bookkeeping you are an employee. You are considered as an entrepreneur in terms of unemployment benefits. You can apply adjusted earnings-related allowance if the entrepreneurial activity is considered to be part-time. In terms of […]

Registering as a user of the service

You can register in our website using your net bank id. Once you have filled out all the necessary fields, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to finish the registration. If you don’t use net bank, you can contact us via email and arrange a meeting at our office for registration.

Invoicing expenses

You can invoice work-related supply, material, and travel expenses from your client, according to what you have agreed with them prior to invoicing. You can agree upon the amount for invoiced travel expenses directly with your client, and these do not have to be in accordance with the tax regulations. In order to receive a […]

Expense reimbursements during salary payment

Read more: Reimbursement of supplies, materials and travel expenses.

Accident insurance

It is important for us that all our service users are thoroughly insured. We have acquired an accident insurance, which covers accidents occurred while working. You can familiarize yourself with the conditions here.

Working as a group

You can either do the work by yourself or in a group with other registered service providers. However, all members of the group need to be registered to Eezy before the work starts. In the invoicing draft the share of each worker of the total amount shall be determined. All service providers have to send […]

Tax card

Please send us your valid Tax card before we pay out your salary. If you need a new tax card because of changed estimated income, you can acquire it through Tax Card online service. The Tax card can be sent to us through extranet. We do not need the original paper copy of your Tax […]