Can I act as a municipal service voucher provider when invoicing through Eezy?

So that you can provide your services (home help services) to your clients tax-free and receive service vouchers, you must be approved in the municipal register for social service producers. Municipalities don’t have a consistent view on whether a service provider can operate without their own business ID, invoicing through Eezy. For this reason, you […]

What does short-term entrepreneurship mean?

In the beginning of this year, there were many changes to Unemployment Security Act. In terms of self-employed persons there was a change whereby person who work entrepreneurially full time remains a right to unemployment benefits if the employment does not last continuously more than two weeks (14 calendar days) In short-term entrepreneurial work, like […]

Does the work done through Eezy accumulate work history?

Work done through Eezy or any other invoicing service is determined as entrepreneurial activity and does not therefore accumulate work history. If you have acquired YEL insurance you have a possibility to have entrepreneurs’ unemployment benefits. More info: AYT website SYT website 

Can I lose my unemployment benefit if I work through Eezy?

If you are unemployed and receive earnings-related allowance or basic unemployment allowance, you may lose you right to receive such allowance if you employ through Eezy full time. The decision about full time employment is made by unemployment authorities.

What happens to my unemployment benefits if I occasionally invoice through Eezy?

If salaries paid by Eezy does not exceed 300 EUR in a months or 279 EUR over a 4-week period, the salary does not have impact on your unemployment benefits. If the earned income more than so called ‘exempt amount’ 300/279 EUR, the income is adjusted to unemployment allowance. Practically, the adjustment means that half […]

How and when I can terminate my YEL insurance?

You can terminate your YEL insurance to that day when your statutory YEL insurance liability ends, for example when you stop entrepreneurial activity totally or your income are below YEL minimum limit. If you have authorised Eezy to acquire and manage your insurance on your behalf, you can terminate the insurance in Extranet. If you […]

Can I switch Pension insurance company?

Statutory pension insurance can be transferred from one company to another in December, March, June or September. The insurance must be in one company at least 12 months before it can be transferred to another company.

What type of social security I have as a YEL insured self-employed person?

As a YEL insured person your social security is determined in the same basis as entrepreneurs, thus it is based on estimated earned income. Benefits based on your estimated earned income: Sickness allowance Maternity and paternity allowances and parental allowance Your unemployment security As a YEL insured person you may have right to apply unemployment […]

Can I work through Eezy without YEL insurance?

Yes, but remember that you have the liability to acquire the insurance if required. We do not supervise statutory pension insurance but we strive to make it as easy as possible for you, and offer enough information to support your solutions.

What if I have not acquired YEL insurance but my income exceeds the minimum limit

Finnish Centre of Pensions (PCP) supervises entrepreneurs and self-employed persons pension insurance and income. If you have not acquired insurance and your income exceeds the minimum YEL income limit, PCP will recommend you to correct the neglect. If you do not follow the recommendation, PCP will acquire the insurance, on your behalf and at your […]