YEL-insurance now easily through Eezy

A vast majority of light entrepreneurs prefer to have their insurance payments deducted directly from their salary payment. We have great news: with the cooperation between the pension insurance company Elo and Eezy, this is now possible for our users! If this is a timely topic for you, you can now acquire the YEL insurance through us from the pension insurance company Elo and authorize us to pay your pension insurance invoices on your behalf.

We are now switching to a new way of doing things where you can authorize us to take out the YEL insurance for you from the pension insurance company Elo, accumulate funds from your salary to your customer asset account and to handle your YEL insurance payments with the accumulated funds. In addition our cooperation with Elo ensures that your payments will be taken care of in an easier way than before.

How does this actually work?

If you want to take out the YEL insurance through Eezy, you need to log in to our online service (extranet). You’ll find the necessary information under My profile > YEL insurance. By filling out the insurance application, you will authorize Eezy to handle your YEL insurance matters for you and once your insurance has been confirmed, we will start accumulating funds from your salary for your YEL payments to your customer asset account. You can update your insurance information conveniently through our online service and, if necessary, terminate your insurance and withdraw your accumulated funds from your customer asset account. Learn more about customer asset account.

Any questions?

If you have any questions regarding the YEL insurance, please contact our customer service on tel. 09 4247 5630 (Mon-Thu 9AM-5PM and Fri 9AM-4PM) or email

When do I need to take the statutory YEL-insurance?

You need to take out the YEL insurance no later than six months after the conditions for the statutory YEL insurance have been met. Read more about the YEL insurance for the light entrepreneur.