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What is a light entrepreneur?

Everyone has the freedom to try and succeed

A light entrepreneur is self-employed person who sells her skills and does not have her own business ID. As a light entrepreneur, you do not have to worry about the bureaucracy involved in running a business, but Eezy takes care of it for you. Once you have the skills and ideas, let Eezy help you spread your wings. You can get started easily with us.

Why Eezy?

Responsible light entrepreneur service

We take care of our light entrepreneurs’ business like our own: carefully, on time and with the authorities in mind. We’ll take care of your paperwork on your behalf. Transparency and responsibility are vital to us and we are proud to have the most comprehensive insurance in the industry included in our service fee.

Why Eezy?

As an Eezy light entrepreneur you are not alone

Our job is to help, advise and give you the clarity you need with more than 15 years of expertise within the industry. We’re proud to have the best customer service in the field of Light entrepreneurship to guide you and we’ve outlined our service promises, which we abide by on a daily basis to make sure you get the help you need without unnecessary delays.

Why Eezy?

Transparent pricing

When it comes to money, none of us like unexpected surprises- neither do we. In comparison to the current market leader in the industry, we’re the cheaper option. Our pricing includes everything you need to be a successful Light entrepreneur: no mandatory costs or additional fees, cancellation fees, fixed costs or unexpected expenses. You can cancel at any time, therefore using our service is flexible.  

Start light entrepreneurship right away

Would you like to become a light entrepreneur? You can register in Eezy’s service free of charge, and without any obligations. Start right away or take your time to take a closer look. You only pay the service fee when you are paid a salary.




What is EezyPay?

A new payment solution for light entrepreneurs

As a pioneer of light entrepreneur services and after observing the industry for almost 15 years, we felt that now is the time to revolutionize the core of light entrepreneurship. And we did it big way. Our new service, EezyPay, saves your time and effort, allows your customers flexible payment methods, and gives you a faster way to get paid for your work.

Eezy Mobile App

Download our mobile app and get started!

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“As an entrepreneur, I could not handle paperwork and that’s how I ended up with an option where someone else would handle all the paperwork. I just invoice and watch when the salary comes into the account. I have closer to a third more time to actually work myself. As the name implies, Eezy is easy!”

– Era Mikkola

“I think Eezy is easy, meaning easy to use. I’m actually kind of lazy to do any so-called paperwork. Eezy was an easy and effortless solution and has worked really well.”

– Markus Pöyhönen

“The best thing about Eezy has been that it works. The phone is answered right away, and all things are really well taken care of, and this is just awfully easy. I still do two jobs now and I really have time to work and no time is spent on accounting, making invoices or anything else.”

– Ninnu Perälä

Do you have questions?

You can always call, send email or chat with us.  You can also visit us or book a video meeting. Our customer service is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, tel. 09 4242 1565 |

Salary calculator

Calculate how much you earn

With our Salary calculator, you can see immediately what deductions are applied to your salary and you can also use it to help pricing your work.

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