You want to work as an entrepreneur without your own company?

More freedom, less worrying

Use your time to do what you are good at and work when you want. Through Eezy, you can invoice regular work, projects and different kinds of fixed term assignments.

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Salary calculator

Calculate your salary by using the useful salary calculator and find out the end salary of the invoiced amount. Salary calculator is also a great tool for prizing.

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Considering to become an Eezy user?

When trying out something new, you’re bound to have some questions. This is why we have our own customer service number for registered new users or for those considering light entrepreneurship as an option. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone on: +358 9 4242 1565 or via email on weekdays 8am-5pm.

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Try your business idea risk free

By using Eezy service, you can try your business plan easily and risk free while acquiring customers before establishing your own company. You can stop using our services any time, and start working through your own company. In case you want to apply for a startup grant, the work experience gained through Eezy will only help you.

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Why Eezy?

More than 25 000 registered persons and over 10 years of experience about the business sector - You will receive trustful and professional service by using Eezy. We know the rubs of being a self-employed person and we will make it easier for you.

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Looking for an easy way for salary payment?

Is there a work to offer in your company but no possibility to hire an employee?

Is there undone work in your company but no possibility to hire an employee? If you know a suitable employee, invoicing through Eezy is a handy opportunity to hire an employee. You just have to pay the invoice, and we will take care of the rest.

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Assign household work easily

Only few people want the role of an employer to complete household work. You can avoid salary payment, insurances, annual reports and other obligations by assigning a professional self-employed person, who is invoicing through Eezy. You can pay the work easily with one invoice, and Eezy will take care of the rest. Tax-credit for household expenses is applicable, if tax authorities conditions are fulfilled.

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