Salary calculator

Light entrepreneur’s Salary calculator

Want to know how much of the invoicing amount is left in your hands after the service fee, taxes, and other statutory payments? Or are you considering how much you should be invoicing to keep the right number of euros in your hand?

With the help of the light entrepreneur’s salary calculator, you can see at a glance what deductions are going from your salary and you can also use it as an aid to pricing. The simple salary calculator is a quick helper for simple payroll calculations, while the full salary calculator helps in even more complex cases.

What amounts does the calculator deduct from the salary?

Tax card withholding tax and Eezy’s service fee will always be deducted from your salary payment. If you purchase an additional service, your additional service fee will also be deducted from your salary. If you are subject to the YEL insurance, your employer’s health insurance contribution will also be deducted from your salary, the amount of which you can see on the salary calculator.

The service fee is 5-7% depending on your invoicing total

The Eezy light entrepreneur calculator clearly shows you what your final salary is made up of and immediately shows the portion of the service fee. Our service fee is 5-7%, depending on the amount invoiced: the more invoicing accumulation you have, the lower your service fee. Invoicing accumulation is never reset. Registration is free, and you will only start paying for the service once your invoicing total accrues.

You can read more about the service fee on the Price list page.

How do Eezy light entrepreneurs compare with competition?

Light entrepreneurship is becoming more popular year by year, and there are many players in the industry. So how do you choose the best invoicing service just for you? The mere amount of euros deducted from your salary, shown on the salary calculator, does not tell you everything, but it is worth comparing and researching light entrepreneurship services more broadly.

Compare us to the market leader in the industry.

Salary before the invoice has been paid for an additional fee

A light entrepreneur will certainly sometimes face a situation where it would be good to get the salary into the account as soon as possible. EezyExpress salary is our paid additional service that allows you to receive the salary before your client has paid the invoice to your account – at its earliest on the day of invoicing! The Eezy calculator does not show the prices of additional services, but the price of the additional service will be charged in addition to the normal service fee and will be calculated from your VAT-free invoicing amount.

Questions about the service fee, light entrepreneur’s salary calculator or other things? Ask!

If anything in our pricing left you wondering, please contact us! We can go through the service fee in more detail or try out together how the light entrepreneur’s salary calculator works. Please note that registering as an Eezy light entrepreneur is free and you will only pay for the service once you have work to invoice.