For light entrepreneur’s client

For buyer of work and light entrepreneur’s client

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät is Finland’s first light entrepreneur service that has been operating since 2008. Through our service, you can invoice your own work or use EezyPay payment links as a light entrepreneur. Eezy light entrepreneurs operate independently and entrepreneurially, without their own business ID. We already have more than 30,000 registered light entrepreneurs, of whom we take care of by sending about 65,000 invoices per year.

Eezy Light Entrepreneurs is known for its most reliable and responsible operations in the industry

When you buy work from an Eezy light entrepreneur, you can be sure that all statutory payments are taken care of and that the light entrepreneur’s matters are handled by the most knowledgeable and responsible player in the industry. With our service, we enable individuals to conveniently sell and invoice their expertise. We do not allow our service to be used to circumvent the responsibilities and obligations of the employer, as it does not fit our values and does not serve a light entrepreneur or their clients in the long run. Therefore, buying work from an Eezy light entrepreneur is also a responsible act.

It is in everyone’s interest that every step in our service goes smoothly. All our light entrepreneurs are insured with accident insurance and operational liability insurance from the moment of registration. We also guide in taking out the YEL insurance and Eezy light entrepreneurs can get it conveniently through us if their activities as a light entrepreneur meet the criteria for the YEL insurance.

Buying service from a light entrepreneur is an employable act

Both individuals and corporate bodies can buy the service from a light entrepreneur. The work can be a one-time or longer-term assignment. With the help of our service, light entrepreneurs employ themselves on a part-time or full-time basis.

Many wonder if it matters whether to buy the service from a light entrepreneur or an entrepreneur with a business ID? Basically, there is very little difference for the buyer whom you acquire the work from. You buy a service from a light entrepreneur just like any other entrepreneur. The invoice paid is a VAT-deductible expense for businesses, while an individual can receive a household deduction for work done by a light entrepreneur. The entrepreneur with a business ID takes care of the statutory payments themselves and the light entrepreneur service handles the obligations during the salary payment on behalf of the light entrepreneur.

As a client, you easily pay for the work you ordered with one invoice

  • The most precise and service-minded team in Finland handles the Eezy light entrepreneurs’ invoicing of the work and money transfers.
  • We review all invoices before sending them to light entrepreneur’s clients.
  • It is effortless to do business with us – our customer service can be contacted easily if you have any questions.
  • We are aware of the law and the requirements of the authorities – our expertise can always be relied on.
  • We also advise light entrepreneurs and the client on contractual issues – it is in everyone’s interest to avoid disagreements.
  • We root for responsible and safe work – all Eezy light entrepreneurs are insured with accident insurance and operational liability insurance.

Light entrepreneurs price their service, agree on their schedule and terms of work like an entrepreneur

  1. You agree directly with the light entrepreneur on the assignment, price, and payment terms the same way as with an ordinary entrepreneur. In addition to work, work-related expenses, such as travel expenses, materials, and supplies may also be invoiced.
  2. Once the light entrepreneur has performed the work, he or she will create the invoice or send a payment link to you. We will check the invoices and send them to you. The amount on the invoice is the same as the price of the work you agreed on. We do not add any fees to it.
  3. Once you have paid the invoice or with payment link, we will pay the light entrepreneur a salary without delay. VAT, withholding tax, salary-related expenses and Eezy’s service fee will be deducted from the invoice amount. We instruct light entrepreneurs to take these costs into account in their pricing so that they are left with a reasonable salary of the work.
  4. Light entrepreneurs can choose to acquire their salary as soon as the work is completed as an EezyExpress salary, in which case we will pay them before you have paid the invoice. In this case, we may ask you to confirm that the invoice is payable.

Eezy’s light entrepreneur service handles on behalf of light entrepreneurs:

  • Invoicing
  • Payroll (incl. taxes and income register declarations)
  • Light entrepreneur accident insurance and operational liability Insurance

Households receive a household deduction under the terms of the Tax Administration

Home cleaning, gardening, home renovation, installation of technical equipment, and so on – there are jobs in many homes and Summer homes that the owners’ skills or time doesn’t suffice for.

When you order such work from an Eezy light entrepreneur, you easily pay for the work with a single invoice or payment link and Eezy takes care of the statutory payments. You can get a household deduction for the work you do according to the instructions of the Tax Administration. Once the share of the work and any work-related supplies and materials have been specified on the invoice or payment page as their own share, the invoice as such will serve as proof for your taxation. Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Oy’s business ID (2197002-2) is entered in the household deduction information.


Contact our customer service if you have any concerns about light entrepreneurship or your role as a client.

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