This is how you utilize EezyPay

This is how Eezy’s light entrepreneurs utilize EezyPay

Would it be easier to request payment from the customer immediately or even in advance instead of sending an invoice? Does sending similar invoices to customers feel laborious? EezyPay is the solution to this! Easy, fast, and modern.

Read how and in what cases our customers use EezyPay.

Oskari, Jack of all trades

  • Oskari is looking for additional income, and he also has some time for side gigs alongside his part-time job. However, starting his own business seems like too big of a step for him.
  • Oskari is considering offering services such as cleaning assistance, yard maintenance, or dog walking through the local word-of-mouth network.
  • Oskari registers as an Eezy light entrepreneur and also adopts EezyPay, allowing him to create payment pages tailored to each specific task.
  • Oskari sends the customer a payment link, or the customer scans a QR code with their phone once the job is completed.
  • Check out an example of Oskari’s payment page from the customer’s perspective.
  • Oskari receives his salary immediately after completing the assignments and finds light entrepreneurship to be an excellent way to earn additional income.
  • With EezyPay, Oskari doesn’t need to create invoices for his work, and he gets paid immediately once the job is done.

Laura, hair stylist

  • Laura works as a light entrepreneur at a rented chair in a local hair salon.
  • Previously, Laura has invoiced her clients retrospectively, but it has felt unnecessarily cumbersome. She has often had to remind clients of unpaid invoices as well.
  • With EezyPay, Laura has created a pricing list composed of QR codes.
  • The customer scans the QR code with their phone and pays for the service immediately on the spot, for example, with MobilePay or online bank payment.
  • Check out an example of Laura’s payment page from the customer’s perspective.
  • Laura no longer needs to ask for customers’ invoicing information, write invoices, or remind customers of invoice due dates. Her salary also comes on time.
  • Customers appreciate the flexible payment methods.

Kirsi, yoga teacher

  • Kirsi works as a light entrepreneur, teaching yoga and dance classes.
  • Kirsi has always sent invoices to the entire group at once. Managing invoices and payments becomes challenging when there are dozens of invoices to handle at once.
  • With EezyPay, Kirsi has created ready-made payment pages for the most common classes she teaches.
  • Kirsi sends the same payment link to the entire yoga group via email in advance. This way, Kirsi can ensure that the yoga course is paid for before the first class.
  • Check out an example of Kirsi’s payment page from the customer’s perspective
  • Kirsi no longer needs to spend hours filling out invoices.
  • Kirsi receives payments from customers on time and doesn’t have to wait for the 14-day payment period to pass.

So there are as many ways to use EezyPay as there are users. By trying them out, you can find the best way to utilize payment pages and links for yourself. One user may create a price list for their services using payment links or QR codes, while another sends the payment link to the customer via WhatsApp, and a third requests payment in advance before performing the work. However, all these methods have one thing in common: they greatly simplify your work and time management. It also makes it easier for the customer when payment can be conveniently made with a phone thanks to flexible payment methods. Let’s recap.

The most popular ways of using EezyPay

Scan the QR code

  • Display the QR code of the payment page from your phone to the customer, allowing them to pay using their phone by scanning the code.
  • Works on-site either before or after the service is provided.
  • The customer fills in their own information, so you don’t need to ask for billing details separately.

Send the payment link

  • Send the payment link to your customer via text message, WhatsApp, email, by adding it to your website, or to your social media account.
  • Works before or after completing the job, on-site or anywhere else.
  • The customer fills in their own information, so you don’t need to ask for invoicing details separately.

Serve multiple customers

  • You can utilize existing payment pages and show the same QR code or send the same payment link to multiple different customers.
  • Save time if you would normally send many similar invoices to your customers.

How does EezyPay work in practice? How does it differ from traditional invoicing, and which method would suit me better? Learn more about how EezyPay works and explore what EezyPay looks like from the customer’s perspective.

Customers’ payments have arrived faster than before.

– Riikka H., animal trainer

A really smooth, easy, and enjoyable way to pay.

– Light entrepreneur’s customer

Creating the payment page was easy and straightforward.

– Aki J., Digital Marketing Specialist

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