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Contact us – we are here for you!

Whether you are a novice light entrepreneur or an already more experienced veteran, there can always be something you want to ask. On this page we have compiled our contact information: we help, we advise and we want you to succeed. If you wish, we will call you back during the same day, you don’t have to call us twice. We will respond to all messages no later than the next business day. We serve in Finnish and English, and also in Swedish most times. Contact us – we are here for you!

Tip! You may also be interested in our frequently asked questions, our blog or the Eezympää yrittäjyyttä podcast (in Finnish only) , all of which give you more useful information about light entrepreneurship.

Service hours

Mon–Fri 8am–5pm
Sat–Sun closed

See customer service exceptions in opening hours 2023

Start-up light entrepreneur customer service 

09 4242 1565

Light entrepreneur customer service 

09 4247 5630 

Our office location

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Oy
Maistraatinportti 1
00240 Helsinki

If you would like to meet face to face at our office, please make an appointment in advance. You can also book a personal appointment, where we will help with your questions and reflections via Teams, so that you can get your light entrepreneurship up to speed.

Please note that Eezy Kevytyrittäjät does not offer jobs. Check out Eezy’s open positions.

We can also contact you

Send us a message and you will hear from us soon. 

Paper spinners, our team

The superpower of our warm-hearted and colorful team is helping our light entrepreneurs. We will take care of and remember your matters, even if you forget them yourself. We have a total of more than 70 years of experience in light entrepreneurship. This new form of work is the insight of the founders of Eezy Light Entrepreneurs, and we proudly carry the pioneer cloak on our shoulders.

Sari Seuna

Invoicing, Customer Service

Finnish, English
09 4247 5630

Gülin Hairulla

Invoicing, Customer Service

Finnish, English, Tatar
09 4247 5630

Sanna Vuorenoja

Salaries, Accounts Receivable

Finnish, English
09 4247 5635

Alvar Michelsen

Salaries, Accounts Receivable

Finnish, English
09 4247 5635

Mari Tuokko

Salaries, Accounts Receivable

Finnish, English
09 4247 5635

Elmer Pöytäniemi

Service Manager

Finnish, English, Swedish
09 4247 5630

Otto Liulia

Development Manager

Finnish, English
09 4247 5644

Nina Blomqvist

Development Specialist

Finnish, English
09 4247 5636

Tuomas Laakkonen

System Specialist

Finnish, English
09 4242 1552

Marika Teisala

Marketing Manager

Finnish, English
050 324 8913

Hanna Mäntynen

Marketing Specialist

Finnish, English
09 4242 1561

Susanne Saarinen

Marketing Specialist


Saija Hellstén


Finnish, English
09 4247 5646


Office Doggy & A Good Boy


Office Doggy & Head of Security


Office Doggy & A Handsome Boy


Office Doggy & A Pretty Girl

Invoicing address

We do not accept paper invoices. Please send your invoices as en E-invoice.

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Oy
Business ID: 2197002-2
Adress: PL 901, 20101 Turku

E-invoice address: 003721970022
Operator: Opus Capita Solutions Oy
Operator ID: E204503


You can also send the invoice by e-mail:

The file format must be PDF (one PDF file per invoice). Please note that no material other than invoices and their scannable attachments may be sent for scanning. No other material, for example receipts, is transmitted through the scanning service.