This is how our service works

Light entrepreneur service – this is how it works

Why would one need light entrepreneur service? Well, as a light entrepreneur, you market your services yourself, and you agree on pricing and schedules for your work directly with your clients. With our help, you can easily charge the work done, without your own business ID.

However, handling invoices and other payment traffic is only one part of our service – thanks to our comprehensive full service, light entrepreneurship is smooth and safe right from the start.

Start light entrepreneurship today


Register to our service.
The insurances take effect immediately. Add your account number to your profile.


Agree on work and prices with your client.
We provide valid contract templates.


Make the invoice or an EezyPay payment page on our online service when the job is done.
The invoice is conveniently done also through our mobile app.


We will review and send the invoice to your client, the EezyPay payment link is up to you to send to your client.
We also take care of debt collection.


We will pay your salary when the client pays the invoice or with EezyPay payment link to us.
We handle statutory payments and charge a service fee.

Download our mobile app from App Store or Play Store.

Our superior service is in a class of its own

Eezy’s light entrepreneur service is superior. With one service fee, you get a very comprehensive service package, which makes light entrepreneurship smooth in all kinds of situations.

Accountability and transparency are our core values ​​– you do not have to guess what you are paying for. You can find our price list here.

The light entrepreneur service fee includes all these services

Liability insurance and accident insurance

Once you have registered as a light entrepreneur with Eezy, the working time accident insurance and liability insurance, as well as the consultant’s insurance for consultants, are immediately valid when you work invoicing through Eezy.

Light entrepreneur customer services

Whether it is starting a light entrepreneurship, pricing, the YEL insurance, making an invoice or an EezyPay payment page, or specifics related to your industry, you should always ask us. We will guide you through matters related to light entrepreneurship and remind you of important dates. You can call, send a message, or meet us either face to face or online – our aim is to provide superior light entrepreneur service in all channels.

Contract templates

We offer ready-made contract templates for the most common industries in both Finnish and English. With a written agreement, you protect both parties and often avoid misunderstandings.

Convenient online service and mobile app

Whether you make invoices or EezyPay payment pages on your mobile phone or on a big screen, our service works online 24/7. Invoices can also be conveniently done in our mobile app.

Invoicing domestically and abroad 

You can make invoices and EezyPay payment pages for your domestic and foreign clients. We review each invoice and send it to your client. 

Group invoice

When you have a larger work gig to be done in a group, for which the customer wants one invoice, Eezy’s Group invoice is a great solution.

Debt collection 

If your client does not pay your invoice on time, we will process payment reminders and, if necessary, transfer your invoice for collection. Legal collection is also part of our light entrepreneur service.

Salary payment 

Once your client has paid your invoice or through the EezyPay payment link to us, we will pay you a salary. The service fee is always charged only during the salary payment; before that, you do not pay anything. With the help of the light entrepreneur’s salary calculator, you can see in advance how much of the invoiced amount is left in your hand.

Certificates and summaries 

You can conveniently download employment or salary certificates for the TE office, for example, and annual summaries for your tax return from our online service.

YEL insurance through Eezy from the Employment Pension Company Elo 

You can conveniently manage the YEL insurance through Eezy from the employment pension company Elo. The fact that you take out the YEL insurance through our online service and we take care of the YEL insurance invoices for you, does not cost you anything extra, but is part of our basic service. The YEL insurance payment is individual and is not included in Eezy’s service fee. Check out the YEL insurance through Eezy.

Webinars and events 

Our superior light entrepreneur service includes also webinars, trainings, and parties we organize for our light entrepreneurs. Welcome to develop your own skills, exchange experiences and network with other light entrepreneurs!

Benefits and discounts for Eezy light entrepreneurs 

You will receive various benefits worth money, offers and discounts from our partners. Discover the benefits!

Job opportunities offered by the Eezy group 

Eezy Light Entrepreneurs is part of the Eezy Group, and our light entrepreneurs can, if they wish, join the Eezy Group’s network of experts through our online service. Through the network you can get for example gig-like job opportunities.

Using the Eezy Light Entrepreneurs business ID 

In some situations, you may need a business ID to make work-related purchases. We help with these where possible, but please always contact us first.

Also check out our popular additional services

  • EezyPay – simplify and speed up your invoicing and financial transactions
  • EezyExpress salary – salary on your account already on the invoicing day
  • Expense reimbursements already during salary payment
  • Valtti card – order an ID for the construction site
  • SuperEezy service – we take care of everything for you
  • Legal advice and legal services – when you need legal councelling

A new payment solution for light entrepreneurs

EezyPay saves your time and effort, allows your customers flexible payment methods (for example MobilePay), and gives you a faster way to get paid for your work. Instead of a traditional invoice, your customer will receive a payment link for your work, which makes paying easier.

Why choose Eezy?

You want to get there easily

It is not difficult to establish a trade name or a limited company, as it is easily done, for example, with the help of the – service. It is crucial that when you establish a trade name or a limited liability company, for example, you also commit to the obligations of an entrepreneur. You must, among other things, ensure advance and VAT payments, and do accounting. You can hire an accounting firm to do the practical work, but you are still responsible for ensuring that all notifications and payments are handled on time. You will probably take care of the YEL insurance, taking out the working time accident and liability insurance, as well as making and sending invoices and payment reminders, and the sales receivables yourself.

The Eezy light entrepreneurship service has therefore not been founded because it would be difficult or complicated to set up a business. Eezy was founded as an easy option to invoice your own work, without having to start your own business.

With the EezyPay payment solution, we now offer even easier light entrepreneurship. EezyPay saves you time and effort, enables flexible payment methods for your customer (e.g. MobilePay) and a faster way for you to get paid for your work. Read more about EezyPay here.

You want the most responsible partner

When you work through Eezy, you have no other responsibilities as an entrepreneur than possibly taking care of the YEL insurance – and even then we will help you. You market your services, agree on your work and schedules, as Eezy manages administrative and statutory obligations. All our light entrepreneurs are insured accordingly for both accidents at work and damage to property and personal injury to clients or third parties. Insurance also provides security for light entrepreneur’s clients and is often required as well. It is an honor for us to take care of everything as well as possible.

You need advice and your best interest to be our top priority

When you work through Eezy, you are not left alone, but you can always count on our expertise and transparent operations. We want you to succeed and we will advise you both at the beginning and along the way on matters related to light entrepreneurship: whether it is for pricing your work, contract matters, the right VAT rates or invoicing expenses. We have plenty of long-term, satisfied light entrepreneurs and we are known for our excellent customer service and superior expertise. We keep a close eye on light entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial issues and keep you up to date with newsletters, webinars, podcasts and our social media channels. As an Eezy light entrepreneur, you can also connect with Eezy Group’s gig work opportunities if you wish.

Also check out the experiences of our light entrepreneurs with Eezy.

How does the service work in practice?

When you work through us, you do not have to start your own business, and your time is not spent fulfilling the responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

Basically, this is how it works:

  • You register to our service, after which you can start working.
  • When it is time to invoice the work done, you make an invoice in our online service. We will check it and send it to your client. You can also start using the convenient EezyPay payment solution, in which case you create a payment page instead of an invoice and send it to your customer, for example with Whatsapp.
  • Once your client has paid the invoice or with EezyPay payment link to us, we will pay the salary to your account. We make a withholding tax based on your tax card, deduct our service fees and statutory fees applicable to invoicing services, and send monthly and annual returns of your earnings to the Tax Administration.
  • In addition to invoicing and payment pages, you have access to several services that accelerate and facilitate your light entrepreneurship. We will keep you updated and remind you of the need for the YEL insurance, for example.

How do I register?

Your light entrepreneurship begins by registering as a user to our service. Registration costs nothing and does not bind you to anything. Register before you start work, because then the insurances included in our service – working time accident insurance and operational liability insurance – take effect and are in order when you work.

• Click yourself on the registration page.

• Register only with your e-mail address if you just want to get to know our service.

• If, on the other hand, you plan to start work immediately, you should also identify yourself right away with an online banking ID, as handling confidential matters related to invoicing and salary payment requires confirmation of your identity. If you do not have an online banking ID, you can identify yourself via video call or on-site at our office. In this case, contact our customer service.

• After registration, you will receive a password in your email.

• Log in to our online service with the password you received, and you can make your first invoice or an EezyPay payment page as a light entrepreneur!

Register here

How do I deliver my tax card and bank account number?

For us to pay you your salary, we need your valid tax card and bank account number. You should take care of delivering these during the first steps of your entrepreneurial activity, before sending the first invoice.

Account number

You can add an account number in our online service. If you have a foreign account number, please send it to us and we will add it for you. You should keep your account number up to date, as your salary will be paid to the account you have provided in our online service.

Tax card

We will get your tax card automatically from the Tax Administration. You do not need to send us your tax card.

Please note the automatic deductions on your tax card

You should check to see if your tax card automatically includes the earnings-related pension contribution (TyEL) and the unemployment insurance contribution as a deduction. If they have been taken into account, it is a good idea to remove these deductions from your tax card for income you receive through Eezy so that your tax rate is not too low. These contributions are not taken from the salaries paid to you by Eezy, as you are an entrepreneur for pension insurance purposes. You can either apply for a change tax card or make changes in MyTax.

Apply for change tax card in MyTax

1. Eliminate deductions for earnings-related pension contributions and unemployment insurance contributions for the income you estimate to receive through Eezy.

2. If you have YEL insurance, remove the double employer health insurance payment from the tax card withholding tax calculation. When applying for a tax card (Corporate income and entrepreneur’s income> YEL or MYEL income in 2021), state the amount of the YEL income and the amount of the YEL insurance payments paid for deductions from earned income.

Make changes in Mytax:

a) If you do not have an YEL insurance: In MyTax, state the salary received through Eezy under “Income not subject to pension and unemployment insurance contributions”. Also, under “Salaries and perquisites”, indicate the salary received through Eezy for the full year.

b) If you have the YEL insurance: Indicate the amount of salary paid by Eezy under “Salaries and perquisites” and in addition “Salaries of a YEL or MYEL insured entrepreneur”.

Can I use a marketing name I came up with myself?

You can use either your own name or your own, unofficial “business name” or marketing name to market your service. Before choosing a marketing name, you should check the YTJ information service, that someone has not already registered the name in the trade register. In addition, you should check that the name you intend is not already reserved for the domain, or home page address. You can check this, for example, with the help of

When you have a marketing name that is not used by others, you can choose to reserve your own domain for the marketing name you choose. After that, it is unlikely that someone else would register the same name as their official business name. Even if you book a domain, you are not required to publish your homepage. By registering your domain, you will also receive an email with the same remainder as your marketing name.

In marketing and offers, you may use the words “work is invoiced through Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Oy” or “work is invoiced by Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Oy”.

Can I authorize someone else to manage my business in your service?

You may, if you wish, give another person the right to handle matters related to our service on your behalf. Please provide a power of attorney for us.

What is good to know when I start?

There are often many things to learn, launch and remember in the early stages of entrepreneurial activity. In just over ten years, our customer service has answered hundreds of questions on how to price your own work profitably, how to invoice a company abroad and how to market your skills. Often there is also a concern behind the questions: can I get this job done all by myself, what if there is an injury at work, are my own skills enough to employ me. Even more, however, we have been able to walk alongside as entrepreneurs have taken off and watched from the sidelines as one invoice after another arrives to a satisfied client.

One thing has become crystal clear over the years: the more you know at the beginning of the rules and opportunities of light entrepreneurship, the faster and easier you can focus on what is most important regarding earning, that is, doing the work. Not all things have to be learned the hard way or alone, and this is made possible through light entrepreneurship.

In these Frequently Asked Questions, we have gathered the most important things for starting and operating as a light entrepreneur. If anything is worrying you in addition to these, feel free to contact us – our customer service is here for you and your questions!

Also check out the EezyPay payment solution that facilitates the operations of light entrepreneurs or experiences of our light entrepreneurs with Eezy.

Can I order a Valtti card through you?

Valtti card is one of the most common personal identifiers used on a construction site. In practice, a valtti card is a chip ID card that serves as the employee’s key to the construction site. The card shows the employee’s name, tax number and picture, as well as the client’s information. You can order the valtti card through Eezy after you have registered and confirmed your identity, for example with your online banking ID.

Read more about the valtti card.

How do I agree on my work?

As a light entrepreneur, you agree on your work and its terms directly with your client. In our online service, you can find ready-made sector-specific contract templates for assignments for both corporate and private clients.

We always recommend concluding a written assignment agreement. In the contracts, you use your own name as the Supplier / contractor and the words “the work is invoiced by Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Oy (business ID 2197002-2)” or “the work is invoiced through Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Oy (business ID 2197002-2)”, which explains your tax status to the client.

Conveying work

Each Eezy light entrepreneur markets their own services and their own work. We do not convey or market the work of those registered as Eezy’s light entrepreneurs. However, the Eezy Group  offers a wide range of services for different work life situations, and in many cases, for example, temporary work can be done in parallel or alternating with working as an Eezy light entrepreneur.

Can I invoice my client for supplies or travel expenses?

In addition to invoicing your client for work, you can invoice your client for work-related expenses: travel expenses or supplies and materials used at work. You agree the invoiceable expenses with your client. If you wish, you can charge your client a larger amount than you have paid for the supplies, materials or travelling yourself. This is typical and especially recommended when it has taken time to procure supplies takes time out of invoiceable work.

With the help of our additional service, you can deduct your material, supplies and tax-free travel costs related to the invoiced work already during the salary payment. Your expenses will be reimbursed to you based on a purchase receipt or travel invoice and you will receive a financial benefit when you pay less taxes and side costs on your salary.

Check out our additional service: Expense reimbursements and receipts

Are card payments successful through you?

Yes, they are! When invoicing through Eezy, the payment terminal must be Zettle. Zettle works with Android and iOS phones and tablets.

If you are interested in using Zettle, please contact us and we will help you get started. Please note that the activation of Zettle requires a valid EezyPay subscription.

Do I receive a benefit if I recommend the service to others?

If you are happy with our service as an Eezy light entrepreneur, you should tell others about it! Or, in fact, you should do a little more than just tell. You will receive 150 € EezyBonus for each new Eezy user who comes through your referral link when their VAT-free invoicing amount exceeds 1,000 €. Take a closer look at the steps and how recommending Eezy works – then recommend away!

Do you have questions?

You can always call, send email or chat with us.  You can also visit us or book a video meeting. Our customer service is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, tel. 09 4242 1565 |

“As an entrepreneur, I could not handle paperwork and that’s how I ended up with an option where someone else would handle all the paperwork. I just invoice and watch when the salary comes into the account. I have closer to a third more time to actually work myself. As the name implies, Eezy is easy!”

– Era Mikkola

“I think Eezy is easy, meaning easy to use. I’m actually kind of lazy to do any so-called paperwork. Eezy was an easy and effortless solution and has worked really well.”

– Markus Pöyhönen

“The best thing about Eezy has been that it works. The phone is answered right away, and all things are really well taken care of, and this is just awfully easy. I still do two jobs now and I really have time to work and no time is spent on accounting, making invoices or anything else.”

– Ninnu Perälä