Invoicing service

Eezy’s light entrepreneur’s invoicing service is a hassle-free option for invoicing your clients without needing a business ID or your own company. As a light entrepreneur, you can send your first invoices through the easy invoicing service in a matter of minutes. The invoicing service is suitable for both sending individual invoices and regular activities. You can invoice individuals, companies, and organizations in Finland and abroad.

Here’s how the invoicing service works

You get access to the light entrepreneurship invoicing service by registering on our website. Registration is free of charge – costs are only incurred when your clients pay their invoices. Since we handle sensitive information, you need to undergo strong authentication in your online bank before sending your first invoice. If necessary, authentication for the invoicing service can also be done via video call or in person at our office.

Even though you invoice without your own business ID, you may still be subject to YEL (entrepreneur’s pension insurance) obligations. You can easily confirm your YEL liability through your user account. After registration and authentication, you can start invoicing. You negotiate the scope and pricing of the work with the client yourself. Using the invoicing service, you create an invoice or an EezyPay payment page, allowing the client to pay the invoice quickly using their preferred payment method, such as MobilePay or card and online banking payments.

We’ll then review the invoice and ensure everything is in order. If there are no corrections needed, we’ll send it on your behalf to the client. You can send the link for the EezyPay payment request yourself, for example, via email, text message, or WhatsApp.

Once the client makes the payment, you can withdraw it to your account as salary, with all necessary taxes and fees already deducted. For tax withholding, we use your tax card, which we obtain directly from the tax office. You can track the status of your invoices through your user account. You’ll see which invoices are still awaiting payment and view your invoicing history. Your user account also allows you to easily check your annual invoicing total, which affects the price of the invoicing service.

Start light entrepreneurship right away

Would you like to become a light entrepreneur? You can register in Eezy’s service free of charge, and without any obligations. Start right away or take your time to take a closer look. You only pay the service fee when you are paid a salary.




Guidance for creating invoices

Creating invoices in Eezy’s invoicing service is easy. You can choose between free-form or guided invoice filling. As an Eezy light entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry about the invoicing-related regulations: we ensure that the necessary details are included in the invoice. Invoices created before 5 PM are reviewed on the same working day. Invoices you create are saved in your user account, so you can use old invoices as templates for new ones.

In addition to the actual work performed, you can include, for example, material and travel costs in the invoice, as agreed with the client. There are no upper or lower limits for the amounts on invoices; you can use the billing service to invoice for any amount. However, we recommend breaking down large invoices into smaller ones, as this often facilitates payment.

The light entrepreneurship invooicing service also helps if a payment is late or if a client fails to pay the invoice. The service includes sending payment reminders and other possible debt collection actions.

New payment method: EezyPay

Not only an invoicing service

In addition to traditional invoicing, as an Eezy light entrepreneur, you also have access to the EezyPay payment solution. With EezyPay, instead of receiving an invoice, your clients receive a payment link for your work, making payment convenient with flexible payment methods. This allows for convenient payment on-site or even in advance. You’ll also receive your salary faster than before.

Invoicing without your own company made easy

With the light entrepreneur invoicing service, you free up valuable time for your actual business activities. You don’t have to spend time on hard paperwork or remember statutory payments and notifications. We handle them for you. You can invoice your clients quickly and in the way you choose, knowing that all the necessary information is included in the invoices. We monitor payment executions and send reminders for late payments on your behalf. Focus on what you do best and effortlessly invoice for your work through the Eezy’s invoicing service.

New service: Campwire

Sell online courses as a light entrepreneur

As the only light entrepreneur service we will now offer the opportunity to create your own online courses using the Campwire online course platform. Payment transactions for online courses are handled using our convenient EezyPay payment solution, which means you don’t need to separately invoice clients for the courses and content you sell.

Do you have questions?

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