This is how EezyPay works

How does EezyPay work?

1. Create a payment page on the online service by filling in the job-related information.

2. Share the payment page with your customer using a QR code or link. By copying the link, you can send it to your customer via text message, WhatsApp, email, add it to your website, or social media account. You can send the same payment link to multiple customers.

3. Your customer selects a suitable payment method and pays. EezyPay allows for payment in advance or immediately after the service is delivered.

4. You will receive your salary faster, at the latest on the next bank day after your customer has made the payment.

EezyPay offers the following payment methods to your customers:

QR code, sharing payment links, how do these practically make my life easier as a light entrepreneur?

See how Eezy’s light entrepreneurs leverage EezyPay in their operations!

EezyPay from your customer’s view

What does EezyPay look like to the customer in practice? The customer’s view of EezyPay is very simple. It shows:

  • Your name
  • The payment page name
  • The amount to be charged
  • Any additional information on the payment page

The customer fills in their contact information themselves, so you no longer need to inquire about invoicing details. EezyPay enables convenient payment options for the customer, such as MobilePay and card or online payment.

EezyPay or invoicing?

At this point, you might be wondering how EezyPay differs from traditional invoicing and whether it’s worth the cost. It’s important not to forget that the value of EezyPay also lies in the time it saves for the light entrepreneur, as separate invoices no longer need to be typed out. Offering flexible payment options and easier payment processing enhances the overall experience for your customers. We’ve compiled a clear table outlining the differences between EezyPay and traditional invoicing. Also, read Riikka’s experiences on how EezyPay simplifies invoicing for light entrepreneurs!

EezyPayTraditional invoice
Asking customer to payWith payment link or QR codeWith invoice
Asking the payment informationThe customer fills in the information (name and email address)You have to ask the information from the customer (name, email address and invoicing address)
Available payment methodsFor example MobilePay, Pivo, Siirto, credit card, online paymentPaying invoice on the online bank
The payment termIn advance or immediately after the service is delivered, so you will receive your salary fasterPayment term for consumer customers: 14 days
VersatilityYou can share the same payment link to multiple customersYou have to create own invoice to every customer
WorkloadCreating a payment page: 1-3 minutesCreating an invoice: 5-30 minutes
What kind of payments does it apply toPrimarily for consumer customers, but can also be suitable for business customers: no official invoice is issued for the work, but the customer receives an official receipt for the payment for accounting purposes.For consumer or business customers, with the option for business customers to receive e-invoices

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