Light entrepreneurship

Light entrepreneurship is freedom

Light entrepreneurship is the freedom to do exactly the kind of work you want when it suits you best.

As a light entrepreneur, you invoice your client for the work you do as an individual. You can work either full-time or part-time – whatever works the best for you.

As a light entrepreneur, you can also test your own business idea and entrepreneurship in general. Light entrepreneurship is an easy option for having your own business, as we take care of the entrepreneur’s bureaucracy for you, and you can work without a business ID or a business name.

As a light entrepreneur, you can make your dreams come true without a business of your own

In practice, light entrepreneurship means that you do not have to take care of all the obligations related to entrepreneurship yourself. At Eezy, we will help you and take care of the paperwork for you. We deal with the necessary payments and notifications on time, remind you of your obligations and take care of your affairs.

As a light entrepreneur, you can focus on doing your own thing and send the invoices for your work through us. Your client gets an official invoice for the work and you will receive the income from your work in the form of wages. Light entrepreneurship is easy, as you avoid many of the obligations of a regular entrepreneur. 

Work without a business ID or a business

You can be a light entrepreneur without needing to have your own business, business ID or trade name. The business ID refers to a code that uniquely identifies a business. As a light entrepreneur, you use the business ID of the invoicing service when invoicing your clients. This means that you can work smoothly even without a business ID of your own.

Having a business requires fixed monthly expenses that light entrepreneurs may not necessarily need to pay. Unlike larger companies, self-employed people, i.e. light entrepreneurs, do not need to set up a business for their activities. So you can try to make your dreams come true even without setting up a business – easy, right? 

No accounting obligation

Accounting can sound complicated, and for many it is the most boring part of entrepreneurship. As a light entrepreneur, you will outsource all invoices to us and be free from the burden and responsibility of accounting. Your client pays the invoice directly to Eezy, and we pay you the income from your work in the form of wages. All accounting is done by Eezy, so you will have considerably less bureaucratic responsibility.

No VAT returns and no business tax return

You can get your taxes done easily as a light entrepreneur when you outsource invoicing to Eezy. All paperwork will be handled by us, and you won’t have to deal with tax returns or VAT returns at all.

Become a light entrepreneur easily

Becoming a light entrepreneur is effortless. Basically, getting started is this easy:


Register for our service – it’s free.


Agree on work and pricing with your client. Get the job done.


Create an invoice in our online service – we take care of the rest of the paperwork, from checking the invoice to paying the salary.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor as salary appears into your account.

Find out more about how light entrepreneurship works and what services and benefits we can offer you as an Eezy light entrepreneur.

What makes light entrepreneurship light?

An entrepreneur’s everyday life is often a challenging combination of freedom and responsibility. Despite how rewarding it can be, an entrepreneur’s everyday life is not usually described as a feather-light floating, whether you are a light entrepreneur or an entrepreneur with a business ID. A light entrepreneur works just as hard for his or her salary as an entrepreneur with a business ID.

In fact, the lightness comes mainly from the weight of bureaucracy you take from your own shoulders and place on ours. The paperwork that we do for you. The obligations you do not need to spend a minute on. The support you receive from us at all stages of your entrepreneurship. The feeling of not having to worry about everything yourself, and being able to focus on your work completely.

  • A Shorter To Do -list? Yes please! 
  • Fewer things to worry about? I hope so!
  • More time for your invoiced work? Absolutely!

Light entrepreneurship is suitable for many industries and different life situations. Whether you’re thinking of doing occasional gigs while working a day job or becoming a full-time entrepreneur, light entrepreneurship is a great option for testing a business idea. As a light entrepreneur, you can easily learn more about entrepreneurship and do the work of an ordinary entrepreneur with few obligations.

The salary of a light entrepreneur

What does the salary of a light entrepreneur consist of? Sometimes a light entrepreneur may wonder how much of the invoice amount will be left after taxes, service fees and other statutory deductions. Try Eezy’s salary calculator to see how much you would need to charge for your work in order to get the pay you want.

Certain expenses are always deducted from the salary of a light entrepreneur, such as withholding tax according to your tax card, Eezy’s service fee and fees for any additional services. Additional services may include, for example, the EezyExpress service, which allows you to receive your salary even immediately on the day the invoice is sent. If you are obliged to take out YEL insurance, your health insurance contribution will also be deducted from your pay. You can find out the amount of the contribution by using the pay calculator.

A light entrepreneur’s unemployment benefits

As a light entrepreneur, you are entitled to unemployment benefits depending on your overall employment situation. Unemployment benefits include basic unemployment allowance, earnings-related unemployment allowance and labour market subsidy. The benefits are determined on the basis of situations such as the following:

  • You are employed and engage in light entrepreneurship alongside this. If you lose your main job, your TE Office will determine unemployment benefits for your part-time or full-time entrepreneurship.
  • You are unemployed and will start using light entrepreneurship and invoicing services during this time. Although it is worthwhile using the invoicing service, its use may nevertheless have an impact on the unemployment benefits of light entrepreneurs.

Why Eezy?

Responsible light entrepreneur service

We take care of our light entrepreneurs’ business like our own: carefully, on time and with the authorities in mind. We’ll take care of your paperwork on your behalf. Transparency and responsibility are vital to us and we are proud to have the most comprehensive insurance in the industry included in our service fee.

Why Eezy?

As an Eezy light entrepreneur you are not alone

Our job is to help, advise and give you the clarity you need with more than 15 years of expertise within the industry. We’re proud to have the best customer service in the field of Light entrepreneurship to guide you and we’ve outlined our service promises, which we abide by on a daily basis to make sure you get the help you need without unnecessary delays.

Why Eezy?

Transparent pricing

When it comes to money, none of us like unexpected surprises- neither do we. In comparison to the current market leader in the industry, we’re the cheaper option. Our pricing includes everything you need to be a successful Light entrepreneur: no mandatory costs or additional fees, cancellation fees, fixed costs or unexpected expenses. You can cancel at any time, therefore using our service is flexible.  

Start light entrepreneurship right away

Would you like to become a light entrepreneur? You can register in Eezy’s service free of charge, and without any obligations. Start right away or take your time to take a closer look. You only pay the service fee when you are paid a salary.




Check out the frequently asked questions about light entrepreneurship and in which situations light entrepreneurship is particularly suitable. In addition, you will also find the answer as to why you should choose Eezy Kevytyrittäjät as your partner.

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