Light entrepreneurship

Light entrepreneurship is freedom

Light entrepreneurship is the freedom to do exactly the kind of work you want when it suits you best.

As a light entrepreneur, you invoice your client for the work you do as an individual. You can work either full-time or part-time – whatever works the best for you.

As a light entrepreneur, you can also test your own business idea and entrepreneurship in general. Light entrepreneurship is an easy option for having your own business, as we take care of the entrepreneur’s bureaucracy for you.

As a light entrepreneur, you can fulfill your dreams without having your own business 

As a light entrepreneur, you can focus on your own work and invoice your work through us. Your client will receive an official invoice for your work, and you will receive the result of your activity as a salary.

We at Eezy will help you and take care of the tedious paperwork on your behalf. We will take care of the necessary payments, notifications and remind you of your responsibilities in a timely manner, and we will take care of your matters.

  • No business ID
  • No accounting obligation
  • No VAT returns and entrepreneur’s tax returns

And how is your salary as a light entrepreneur formed? Try our Salary calculator to see how much you need to invoice for your work to get the salary you want.

Start light entrepreneurship easily 

Becoming a light entrepreneur is effortless. Basically, getting started is this easy:


Register for our service – it’s free.


Agree on work and pricing with your client. Get the job done.


Create an invoice in our online service – we take care of the rest of the paperwork, from checking the invoice to paying the salary.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor as salary appears into your account.

Find out more about how light entrepreneurship works and what services and benefits we can offer you as an Eezy light entrepreneur.

What makes light entrepreneurship light?

An entrepreneur’s daily life is often a challenging combination of freedom and responsibility. Despite how rewarding it can be, an entrepreneur’s everyday life is not usually described as a feather-light floating, whether you are a light entrepreneur or an entrepreneur with a business ID. A light entrepreneur works just as hard for his or her salary.

Indeed, lightness comes mainly from the weight of bureaucracy you take from your own shoulders and place on ours. The paperwork we do for you. Obligations which you do not even have to spend a minute on. The support you receive from us at all stages of your entrepreneurship. The feeling of not having to worry about everything yourself, and you can focus on the work itself.

  • Shorter To Do -list? Yes please! 
  • Less to worry? We hope so! 
  • More time for the invoiced work? Absolutely!

Start as a light entrepreneur

Would you like to become a light entrepreneur? Registering for the Eezy service is free of charge and does not oblige you to anything. Get started right away or explore with time. You only pay for the use of the service when you receive a salary.

Light entrepreneurship is suitable for most industries and nearly all situations

Whether you are thinking about becoming a full-time entrepreneur, doing occasional gig-jobs, or testing your own business idea alongside your day job, light entrepreneurship is a great option if you want to get into entrepreneurship more easily.

Get to know our Frequently Asked Questions about light entrepreneurship and what situations light entrepreneurship is especially suitable for. In addition, you will also find the answer to why you should choose Eezy as your partner.

If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact us. Our customer service is here for you!

“As an entrepreneur, I could not handle paperwork and that’s how I ended up with an option where someone else would handle all the paperwork. I just invoice and watch when the salary comes into the account. I have closer to a third more time to actually work myself. As the name implies, Eezy is easy!

– Era Mikkola

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“The best thing about Eezy has been that it works. The phone is answered right away, and all things are really well taken care of, and this is just awfully easy. I still do two jobs now and I really have time to work and no time is spent on accounting, making invoices or anything else.”

– Ninnu Perälä

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“I think Eezy is easy, meaning easy to use. I’m actually kind of lazy to do any so-called paperwork. Eezy was an easy and effortless solution and has worked really well.”

– Markus Pöyhönen

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“I’ve been doing this work for a long time and after retirement, I wanted to find a way to continue to do my work. I first thought about starting a new business, but then I ended up with Eezy. How simple it is to just make invoices when all the paperwork is taken care of and there is no need to stress about them. One can only focus on the essential, i.e. doing the work.”

– Juhani Palomäki

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“We ended up with Eezy because it’s easy and simple. We do not have to do any accounting work; we just mark the hours on the invoice and Eezy takes care of the rest. We get to just focus on working! ”

– Remppa Team

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”Eezy is terribly easy. I just take the contact information from the client and invoice through Eezy. It’s easy when the money then comes into the account once they’ve taken care of it. Eezy has a pleasant staff and you always get customer service and advise when you need it. I’m really pleased and recommend Eezy light entrepreneurship.”

– Satu Lähteenmäki

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