It is important to us that all our light entrepreneurs are insured as well as possible. Insurance also provides security for light entrepreneur’s clients and is often required as well. Our service fee includes working time accident insurance, operational liability insurance and consultant insurance. The insurance takes effect immediately after registration, so please register before starting work.

It is your responsibility to take out the YEL insurance. It only becomes relevant when your entrepreneurial activity meets the conditions for the YEL insurance.

Accident insurance

Eezy Kevytyrittäjät Osk has taken out valid accident insurance while working as follows:

The insurance is valid for accidents that occur during work done through Eezy. The insurance does not cover occupational diseases, business trips or longer period compensation for loss of earnings, such as an accident pension.

The insurance covers:

  • Medical expenses, necessary examination expenses and medication prescribed by doctors without a maximum € limit
  • Travel and accommodation expenses and first aid equipment.
  • Daily allowance for loss of earnings, compensation period up to 1 year after the accident. The amount of the daily allowance is based on the amount of earned income invoiced through Eezy, but at least the minimum annual earnings. Minimum annual earnings refer to the minimum annual earnings according to the Accidents at Work Act, the amount which in 2020 is € 14,650.
  • Compensation for functional limitation, which is calculated in accordance with the Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases Act, but calculated for a period of 3 years according to the category of harm. Compensation is always paid as a one-time, not as an continuous compensation.
  • Death, sum insured € 25,000. The beneficiaries are relatives.
  • Compensation period for all compensations 3 years from the date of the accident, unless otherwise stated.

The insurance terms and conditions contain restrictions. The insurance does not cover for example: accident or family pension or rehabilitation allowance or other rehabilitation allowances.

Operational liability insurance and consultancy insurance

The service includes liability insurance, which covers possible personal and property damage to clients and third parties up to 1 million euros. Liability insurance does not cover damage caused by lack of professional skills or insufficient preparation for work.

We have taken out a consultant insurance for consultants. The insurance does not cover management consulting, condition assessment consulting or the activities of a supervisor in charge.

  • The sum insured is € 200,000.
  • The deductible is 10% of the amount of the damage, but always at least € 1,000.
  • The insurance is continuous, i.e. it covers both the performance of the work and the possible warranty period.
  • The insurance does not cover management consulting, condition assessment consulting or the activities of a corresponding foreman.

If you need a consultant insurance for a larger amount or a separate consultant insurance certificate for your client, please contact us.

YEL insurance, i.e. entrepreneur’s pension insurance

Light entrepreneurs, i.e. invoicing service users, are classified as entrepreneurs for the purpose of pension insurance. This means that you are responsible for arranging your own pension insurance with the YEL insurance if your entrepreneurial activity meets the conditions for the YEL insurance.

We have made acquiring the YEL insurance as simple as possible, and you can handle your YEL insurance matters conveniently through Eezy from the employment pension company Elo. The YEL insurance payment is individual and is not included in Eezy’s service fee. You can deduct the YEL insurance payments in your personal taxation. Read more about the YEL insurance through Eezy.