Recommend and win

Why not recommend Eezy Kevytyrittäjät to your friends and win service fees for the rest of the year?

Are you an Eezy Light Entrepreneur? Do you have friends, acquaintances, neighbours or even colleagues who’d like to give our service a try and experience the freedom that light entrepreneurship offers? Would you like to have the chance of invoicing your work for the rest of the year without having to a pay a penny in service fees? Now you have the perfect opportunity to recommend us to your friends!

We’re launching an amazing competition in August! At the end of the month, the light entrepreneur who manages to get the most new light entrepreneurs on board, with the most referrals wins the competition and doesn’t pay any service fees until the end of 2022! Therefore, our service will be free for the winner from September-December.

The more you recommend us to your friends, the better chances you have of winning! Also, to be included in the competition, your friends must register with your referral code and complete the identification during the month of August.

Read the rules of the competition.

Double bonus!

Recommending our service is a great deal for both you and your friend: when you recommend our service to a friend and they register during the month of August, you get a 150€ bonus (after your friend invoices 1000 €+vat) and your friend gets 50 € (normally 25 €).

Your bonuses will be processed as a service fee discount, which leaves you with more in terms of a salary payment. That means your friend can invoice 700 € without paying any service fees. With your 150€ service fee discount, you can invoice 2100 € without paying any service fees.

The competition will only be running in August so act quick!

You can recommend our service to your friends as much as you want, however your friend can only get the double start bonus (50€) for a limited time so August is a perfect time to tell all your family, friends, neighbors and acquaintances about the great opportunities and flexibility light entrepreneurship offers.

How to recommend Eezy and get a referral bonus (and participate to the competition)


Send your personal referral link for a future Eezy light entrepreneur. You can find your link on our online service.


When your friend registers through your link, the benefits will accrue to both of you.


You can recommend Eezy to as many people as you want. There is no upper limit to receiving referral fees.


Start recommending away!