The difference between staff service work and light entrepreneurship

Staff service work and light entrepreneurship both make it possible to earn a living, but they differ significantly from the viewpoint of the worker. In this article, we will take a look at the main differences between staff service work and light entrepreneurship.

What is staff service work?

Staff service work means that an employee works for another company while being employed by a personnel company that leases labour. The employee works in accordance with the company’s instructions and regulations, but the leased employee is in an employment relationship with the personnel company.

Staff service work is often fixed term, and the contract is renewed as necessary. This form of work is most common in industry and logistics and on construction sites, for example.

As a leased employee, your work tasks, place of work and working hours depend entirely on the needs of the client company. You may need to change the workplace several times in a short period of time or be temporarily without work.

In the best-case scenario, it is also possible to work at the same place as a leased employee for a long period of time if everything goes well and the client company has a long-term need for leased labour.

What is light entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship means that the employee acts like an independent entrepreneur and is responsible for organizing their work, as well as for finding and invoicing customers.

However, as a light entrepreneur, you do not have to take care of salary payments or accounting, as these and many other matters are handled by the light entrepreneur service.

Light entrepreneurs are not in the same position as leased or permanent employees, as they are not part of the company’s organisation and have more freedom to work according to their own schedule.

Light entrepreneurship is common, for example, in service industries, such as consulting, marketing and creative work. However, employees in most fields who sell their services can work as light entrepreneurs.

Light entrepreneurship allows for more freedom

Light entrepreneurship offers several advantages compared to staff service work. Above all, light entrepreneurship offers workers more independence and responsibility for the organisation and management of their work.

This means that light entrepreneurs can choose the projects they want to work on and can set their own schedules.

In addition, light entrepreneurs can achieve a higher level of income compared to leased employees because they are responsible for the success of their business and the pricing of their work.

Who is light entrepreneurship for?

Light entrepreneurship is especially suitable for those who want to work independently and are ready to take responsibility for the success of their own business. Light entrepreneurship is also an excellent option for people who want to participate in several different projects and offer many different services.

As a light entrepreneur, you are free to offer services to several different customers. This way, you can also specialise independently.

However, light entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It requires more responsibility and an independent approach to work compared to staff service work. Even though, as a light entrepreneur, you have an easier time with accounting and many everyday matters compared to an ordinary entrepreneur, you still have to find your own customers and take care of the adequacy of work.

Light entrepreneurship as an alternative to staff service work

In conclusion, light entrepreneurship and staff service work are two different ways of working that offer different benefits and challenges. Light entrepreneurship allows for more independence, responsibility and the opportunity to develop your expertise. At the same time, light entrepreneurship requires more management and organisation.

Staff service work, on the other hand, offers a fixed wage and possibly more stable work. However, it does not allow for the same kind of independence and the opportunity to develop your expertise and select your projects or customers.