Eezy Kevytyrittäjät X MAJ

Welcome to Eezy Kevytyrittäjät!

We take care of the matters of our light entrepreneurs as if they were our own, ensuring that all your obligations are taken care of. You can focus on your work, and your customer can trust that the matters of a light entrepreneur are handled by the most knowledgeable and responsible service. 

Eezy offers you a genuinely flexible, modern, and easy way to operate as an entrepreneur without a business ID. As a light entrepreneur, you are not in an employment relationship with the client or Eezy.

Why Eezy?

Reliable light entrepreneurship service with 15 years of experience

  • Customer service support when needed.
  • Fastest payroll processing. Your salary is paid almost in real-time, once an hour.
  • Transparent pricing – no unexpected additional fees.
  • Comprehensive insurance with the lowest deductible.
  • Mobile app and convenient EezyPay payment solution to simplify and speed up your financial transactions.

Eezy’s service is developed together with our development community consisting of hundreds of light entrepreneurs, money moves quickly, and we are reachable when you need support. Eezy’s service fee is 5-7% and is very exceptional due to its transparency. The service fee includes everything needed from insurance to the mobile app. Our convenient additional services offer flexibility and ease for various needs when necessary.

We support you in all aspects of light entrepreneurship. Contact us – we are here for you. 

This is how the payment system of Eezy Kevytyrittäjät X MAJ collaboration works:


Register on Eezy’s online service and complete the authentication. Your tax card is automatically retrieved once the authentication is done. If you are under 18 years old, read separate instructions here.


Add your own details (account number, address).


Please inform Eezy that you are collaborating with MAJ. Eezy will provide you with a payment reference which you can then provide to MAJ for the payment.


Once the work is completed, MAJ will transfer the payment to Eezy using the reference provided by you. The salary is paid according to your chosen salary payment rule.


Do you work for another client aswell? In that case, you can invoice the assignment according to the agreement between you and your client through an invoice or by using the modern and convenient EezyPay payment solution. 

Eezy Mobile App

Download our mobile app and get started!

Download our mobile app from App Store or Play Store.


Light entrepreneur’s insurances 

Our comprehensive insurances are valid immediately after registration. 

  • The deductible for accident insurance is €0. If you have an accident, you must pay your expenses first and then fill out an accident report. Read more from the link below.  
  • The liability insurance covers possible damages up to €1,000,000. The deductible for liability insurance is €500.  

Light entrepreneur’s pension insurance 

Light entrepreneurs are considered entrepreneurs in terms of pension security. Light entrepreneurs, like other entrepreneurs, are obligated to have YEL insurance if the insurance conditions are met. As a light entrepreneur, you must take out YEL insurance if all of the following conditions are met: 

  • Your income exceeds €9 010,28 in a rolling 12-month period. Note that the YEL income limit is not calendar year-based. (for example like your tax card) 
  • The duration of entrepreneurial activity continues for more than 4 months 
  • You are 18-68 years old. 

If you wish, we can take care of YEL insurance on your behalf. Activating the insurance requires a separate authorization in our online service (Menu -> YEL insurance). 

Salary payment

  • Your salary will be paid once the payment has been received in Eezy’s account. (This amount already includes MAJ’s commission of 21%.)
  • Your invoicing price includes value-added tax. In the beauty industry, the work is invoiced at the general VAT rate (24%). Eezy handles the VAT payment to the tax authorities. Your salary is calculated from the tax-free amount of your invoicing. 
  • The service fee is calculated and deducted from the value-added tax-free amount.
  • Income tax withholding is deducted according to your personal tax card. 
  • 1,16 % employer’s health insurance contribution is deducted from your salary if you are YEL obligated
  • Discuss with MAJ about possible travel expense reimbursements in advance. Travel expense reimbursements can be compensated to you tax-free under certain conditions. The condition for reimbursing expenses is agreeing on travel expenses with the client, and in addition, filling in the expense breakdown in Eezy’s online service after the invoice has been created. 

Are you under 18 years old? 

If you are under 18 years old and would like to operate as an Eezy light entrepreneur, follow these steps: 

  1. Register as an Eezy light entrepreneur without online banking credentials. 
  1. Send a picture of your ID to Eezy through the Customer Service page in the online service (Menu -> Customer Service -> New message).  
  1. Book an appointment for identification and indicate whether you want to have a video call via Teams, Whatsapp, or FaceTime. 

Other useful information

  • Frequently Asked Questions answer many pondered issues.
  • With EezyPay, your client pays through a payment link instead of an invoice and gets access to versatile payment methods (e.g., MobilePay, online banking, and card payments). 

Do you have questions?

You can always call, send email or chat with us.  You can also visit us or book a video meeting. Our customer service is open on weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm, tel. 09 4242 1565 |