EezyPay makes invoicing easier for light entrepreneurs

EezyPay is a new, easier way to manage payment transactions as a light entrepreneur. With the help of convenient payment links, you save both your own and your customers’ time and make payment more flexible. Read how EezyPay revolutionized invoicing for light entrepreneur Riikka.

What is EezyPay?

Many light entrepreneurs know that creating and sending invoices, as well as inquiring about lost invoices, can complicate everyday work, taking up valuable time that could be used for other purposes. The EezyPay payment solution is an easier way to manage invoicing for both yourself and your customers, whether you are an experienced light entrepreneur or just getting started.

Flexible payment methods also make paying easier for your customers. EezyPay allows your customers to pay for the products and services you offer with their preferred payment method: card payment, online bank payment or mobile wallet.

Requesting payment for your work can be done in advance or immediately after the work has been completed, for both consumer and business customer payments. Different customers can pay with the same payment link, so there is no need to create a new link for the same work.

You pay the package price for using EezyPay according to the length of the contract period. You can now try EezyPay for a month without a package fee. Register as an Eezy light entrepreneur or log in to start using EezyPay.

“An easy and convenient way to manage payments”

EezyPay is part of Riikka Hartikainen’s daily work as an animal trainer and dog masseur. EezyPay’s payment link makes it convenient and easier than before for customers to pay Riikka for her services.

In the past, the invoices Riikka sent were often lost in the customers’ email spam folder. Now, financial transactions are faster, and Riikka no longer has to inquire about her customers’ payments. One of the many advantages of EezyPay is that you do not have to create a separate invoice – a payment link is all you need.

EezyPay has made the management of payments faster and easier, and customers have also given positive feedback about using the service. According to her customers, EezyPay is an easy and convenient way to pay for the services Riikka offers.

“I highly recommend EezyPay. Creating payment links is easy, and sending them to the customer is convenient.”

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How does EezyPay work?

  1. Create a payment page. Start by creating a new payment page in the online service and provide the necessary information for invoicing.
  2. Share the payment page. Share the payment page using a QR code or a payment link. A QR code enables your customers to read the code with an app on their phone. Sending a payment link to your customers is also easy, for example, via email or an instant messaging service, such as WhatsApp. You can also add the QR code or payment link on your website, where your customers can easily find it.
  3. The customer pays. Your customer selects a suitable payment method. It is up to you whether you want to get the payment in advance or only after the service is delivered.
  4. You receive the payment. EezyPay makes money transfers and receiving your payment faster than before. You will receive your payment in your account by the next business day after your customer has made it.

Simplify and speed up your invoicing with EezyPay

EezyPay is a modern and flexible way to get paid for your work as a light entrepreneur. Try EezyPay for a month without a package fee. Learn more about EezyPay!