EezyExpress salary

Get your salary immediately with EezyExpress salary

Sometimes there can be an acute need for money and already when you make the invoice you know that there is an unnecessarily long wait until payday. EezyExpress salary is our paid additional service that quickly solves your money shortage. In a nutshell, the service offers you the opportunity to get your salary before your client pays the invoice.

At its fastest, your salary is in your account on the day you invoice

We usually pay your salary once your client has paid the invoice. However, you can receive your EezyExpress salary immediately after sending the invoice, and you do not have to wait for the invoice to be processed. At its fastest, your EezyExpress salary is already in your account on the invoicing date.

You only pay for your EezyExpress salary when you need it

  • EezyExpress salary is our additional paid service.
  • The service fee is 5 % + VAT.
  • The price of the additional service will be charged in addition to the normal service fee and will be calculated from your VAT-free invoicing amount.
  • Please read the conditions for receiving an EezyExpress salary carefully.
  • You can also always contact us if you are not sure whether the EezyExpress salary payment is possible.

In what situations can you get an EezyExpress salary? 

In practice, we pay your salary before your client pays the invoice. For this reason, there are some conditions for obtaining it.

  • EezyExpress salary is invoice-specific, it is applied for one invoice at a time.
  • Your invoice is addressed to a company, state, municipality or other entity operating in Finland.
  • The invoice recipient has no default entries or overdue EezyExpress invoices. For this reason, we always check the credit rating of the recipient of the invoice.
  • The invoice must be final and undisputed. We will check the dispute as needed.
  • You have no other EezyExpress invoices open to the same client.
  • The amount of open EezyExpress invoices does not exceed 5,000 €. The amount can consist of one or more invoices.
  • If you are a new light entrepreneur, your first EezyExpress salary can be up to 2,000 €.
  • We need to have the breakdown and receipts of the invoice-related expenses at the time of payment of the salary, as the expenses received later cannot be taken into account.

Please note that we reserve the right to accept or reject an EezyExpress salary request and, if necessary, we may also limit the amount paid. If your client, despite all efforts, does not pay the invoice in full, you will have to reimburse the salary you received in the corresponding amounts.

Here is how to apply for EezyExpress salary

  1. Make an invoice to your client first. At the same time, check that you have provided us with your tax card.
  2. When you make an invoice, indicate on our online service that you are applying for an EezyExpress salary for that invoice. You can also apply for an EezyExpress salary from an invoice already sent to the client. In this case, you can send a message to us at In your message, state the number of the invoice from which you are applying for an Eezy Express salary.
  3. We will process all EezyExpress requests received by 12 PM on the same business day.
  4. If the credit rating of the recipient of the invoice is OK and no confirmation from your client is required, we will pay you the EezyExpress salary without delay.

Why your client is being asked to confirm the invoice?

There are some human errors in invoices, such as incorrect amounts and invoicing addresses. Invoices are also disputed both without and without grounds. With the confirmation request, we ensure that the invoice is, in the opinion of the payer, error-free, final and payable. In other words, we get a written promise to pay the bill.

The confirmation also protects you: after the confirmation your client cannot dispute an invoice, and we can first collect the amount due directly from your client. The confirmation request is in practice an e-mail that you can either forward to your client yourself or we will send it directly to your client with your permission. We will advise the sending of the confirmation request in both cases.

Do you have an invoice that you are not sure you would receive as an EezyExpress salary? 

Contact us as soon as possible, we are generally able to evaluate the situation quickly. With luck, you can get a salary to your account on the same day!

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