True story: Jassi, streamer

“I’ve been playing since I was a little girl. When I was younger, my friends wondered why I always played some game with my big brother. My friends would have liked to do something with me, but I usually replied that I don’t have time now when there was a new level in the game. They did not realize my gaming enthusiasm at all and wondered what was so fascinating about these games. But I liked to play then, and I like to play now.”

Jassi lapsena

“When I started my streaming career, I was still working in a grocery store. I worked mainly evening shifts and it was tough: I wasn’t home until nine or ten at night and then started streaming. When I got a job from a pet store, I was able to focus more on streaming. There was an understanding and flexibility with shifts. Over time, the hobby became a job and in the last 10 months it has become full-time work. As the number of viewers increased, I was gradually able to take fewer shifts and stream more. In the summer of 2020, with the corona, there were less shifts available and I decided voluntarily to give most of the shifts to my co-workers. I had streaming as another source of income when co-workers had no other jobs. During Christmas 2020, I was completely done with my day job and have been doing only streaming ever since. I’ve always worked in customer service, and that’s what streaming is basically all about, not in the same way, but still, working with people. It’s great to be able to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

I have always had a positive attitude towards life and I’m an optimist. I get a lot of feedback from my viewers that they enjoy the good feeling that’s conveyed in my stream. I am energetic and my energy catches on the viewers. A lot of streamers are watched because they’re super good at some game, but I focus more on people. I take people into account in the chat personally; if someone tells me that they have just got a new kitten, then next time I will ask them hey how’s the kitty doing. Anyway, I’m very talkative and talking about any topic is easy for me. I want to be able to help people and cheer them up if someone is in a bad mood. Those are my best qualities and therefore, in my stream, highlighted more than playing.

Indeed, games have always been a big part of my life, I have always played. When I found Twitch, I met a couple of friends there, who then invited me to try streaming. After a couple of streams, I fell in love as soon as I noticed that through streaming you can positively affect the mood of others. When I got my first comment that my stream has saved the viewer’s day, I realized that this is what I want to do – always and every day. If anyone gets a good feeling about being able to chat with me, then great! A few followers have said that they do not really have friends and that the highlight of their day is when you get to chat with me and tell me about their day. And they might even send a message afterwards thanking me for talking to them. It always gives me confirmation that this is my thing, this is just for me.”

Jassi striimaamassa

“I get occasional comments about being a woman and playing. However, I have always been confident, I live my life and do what I like, not caring what others say. If you want to work in this field, then you have to be thick-skinned and let certain types of comments just go in one ear and out the other. I want to encourage anyone willing to try streaming, but you must have good self-esteem, and not care about malicious comments. At first, I was sometimes annoyed for a long time when someone called me stupid and hoped I would stop. I felt like maybe I shouldn’t be streaming. But I have learned to ignore certain types of comment. If you are dreaming of a career as a streamer, you should not start streaming considering that it will immediately grow into a full-time job. I did this for 3 years as a hobby in addition to my day job, before it started to become work. There’s a lot of work here and it takes time. This work has its own downsides, but it’s especially great to get to know people – I’ve made friends all over the world.

With the friends I got through Twitch, I also got to know Havu and they thought I would fit in really well with them. With Havu, I have got a nice group around me, from whom you can always ask for tips. I have now been with Havu for about three years and hopefully the journey together will continue for a long time.

In the future, I want to improve in streaming and learn even more about it. The goal is to expand my brand to other channels, to make Instagram even more work based. I feel that you can always learn more and become even better. At some point, in addition to streaming, I would like to study more video filming, so I could invest more time in YouTube.

For this job, light entrepreneurship works great. I’m not currently planning to become an entrepreneur, I like how Eezy works and how easy this is. I once tried a light entrepreneurship service where a business ID was created for me, and all sorts of unexpected things followed. I asked to delete my business ID and returned to use Eezy. ”

Hi! I’m Jassi, my real name is Jonna and this is my true story. 

I am a 23-year-old member of Havu Stream Team and I stream for a living. In addition, I am an Eezy light entrepreneur. My family consists of my boyfriend, a cat and a dog. 

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