What situations is light entrepreneurship not suitable for?

What situations is light entrepreneurship not suitable for?

Not all work can be invoiced through Eezy as a light entrepreneur, or they can only be done on a limited basis. Before you start, please familiarize yourself with the industries with limitations for light entrepreneurs.

Which work cannot be invoiced through Eezy as a light entrepreneur?

1. Work in the social and health care sectors

The Regional Government Office should be notified if you pursue any activity as a self – employed person in the fields of health care or social work. This also applies to light entrepreneurs. Currently, the Regional Administrative Agency (AVI) and the law require a separate business ID when reporting, which means that the only option when operating in the above-mentioned areas is through your own company.

2. Real estate

According to the interpretation of the Regional Government Office (AVI), a brokerage business may only use someone who is employed by the brokerage firm as an agent.

3. Order supervision or security

Order supervision and security are subject to authorization, which means that when applying for a permit, the person in charge of the profession must provide a business ID. Eezy’s Business ID is not applicable for this purpose, so for this reason you must have your own company when operating in the above mentioned fields.

4. Sale or rental of equipment / goods without personal labor input

Eezy is intended for invoicing work and the sale or rental of products without own contribution is not suitable for invoicing through Eezy due to product return and warranty laws.

5. Individual lecture or presentation fees (excluding training, coaching, etc. appearances), compensation received for a position of trust (e.g. board fees), meeting fees

According to the tax administration’s guidelines, the employer’s obligations of the personal reward cannot be transferred to an invoicing service company even if an employment relationship has been agreed between the company and the light entrepreneur. For example, a client of a light entrepreneur would then be under an obligation to make a withholding tax on the payment.

6.  Work done in Norway

According to the Norwegian tax authorities, it is not possible to invoice work done in Norway through an invoicing service. The interpretation is based on the Norwegian VAT Act.

7.  Work done by asylum seekers

Asylum seekers cannot operate as light entrepreneurs and invoice their work as interpreted by the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). A person invoicing through Eezy is not employed by an invoicing service company or a client and is therefore considered an entrepreneur. Under the Aliens Act, an asylum seeker is allowed to do gainful work but not to be an entrepreneur.

8. Flying a drone

Insurance required for piloting an aircraft is not available for a light entrepreneurs. For this reason, for example, aerial photography cannot be invoiced through our service.

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Which work can be invoiced in Eezy with limitation as a light entrepreneur?

Invoicing through Eezy is restricted as follows:

1. Electrical work

If your plans include invoicing for electrical work through Eezy, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. You must have the qualifications of electrical work manager (certified by Seti Oy)
  2. Operations must be reported to TUKES, i.e. you are registered as an Operator.
  3. Thereafter, TUKES will restrict the operation so that the electrical work manager is not allowed to supervise the work of others.

2. The transport sector

Are you for example a driver of a truck, bus, taxi, excavator or other vehicle or working machine? In order to invoice for transportation work through Eezy, you must own or pay a fair rent for the vehicle. Please note, however, that you will not be able to make fleet related reductions when operating through Eezy.

3. Food industry

The food industry is controlled by the Food Agency. From an invoicing service point-of-view, the industry is somewhat problematic due to regulations on food production and storage. In addition, deducting food receipts through us is problematic because we are unable to control that cost deductions are targeted directly at the invoiced work.

If you plan to prepare food on your own premises, invoicing for this particularly through us is not possible. If, on the other hand, you work in legalized food premises, such as a restaurant kitchen, you can use Eezy’s service for invoicing.

4. Making of tattoos

The making of tattoos is defined under consumer protection law as a consumer service, so making tattoos also requires notifying the local authorities of the municipality. The tattoo artist must have a safety document containing a plan for identifying and managing the risks associated with the service, as well as informing about them. The law also requires operators to inform consumers about risks and ensure that the service does not pose a risk to health.

The premises of tattoo services are covered by health protection legislation, according to which the tattoo artist must notify the local health protection authority of their activities.

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