Invoicing as a light entrepreneur is easy with Eezy

Light entrepreneurship means that you invoice your customers as a private individual. The invoice for the work done is sent to the customer through an invoicing service, and since the customer pays the invoice directly to the invoicing service, you do not need to worry about accounting responsibilities or other time-consuming bureaucracy. A light entrepreneur operates independently without a business ID, company or business name, and freely chooses their amount of work.

As a light entrepreneur, you get to enjoy the best parts of entrepreneurship and outsource complicated paperwork to us. By invoicing your work through us, you do not have to worry about, for example, the payment of prepayments and value added tax. You only need to take care of a few small things, like creating invoices, sending them to us and taking out YEL insurance. However, this is not difficult, so light entrepreneurship is suitable for everyone who wants to pursue their dreams risk-free or without starting their own business.

What can be invoiced through an invoicing service?

Through Eezy, a light entrepreneur can invoice any customer regardless of location. For example, you can live abroad or in Finland and invoice a customer anywhere in the world (work done in Norway cannot be invoiced through Eezy). When invoicing customers located in Finland, you must be liable to tax in Finland.

Through Eezy, you can easily invoice:

  • Work in any industry, such as digital marketing, consulting, construction or lawn mowing. Get inspired by the career stories of other light entrepreneurs!
  • Both domestic and foreign companies and private individuals
  • Companies, private individuals and households
  • Work contracts and invoices of all sizes. You can charge as much or as little you want.
  • Exactly what you agreed with the customer. If agreed beforehand with the customer, travel expenses, work supplies or extra materials can also be invoiced through Eezy.

How can a light entrepreneur invoice their work?

Invoicing is an important part of light entrepreneurship, which is why we have made it as easy as possible. We renewed invoicing, and with EezyPay, getting paid for your work is now easier and faster than before.

What is EezyPay?

EezyPay is a payment solution that simplifies your life as a light entrepreneur

Instead of a traditional invoice, your customer will receive a payment link for your work, which makes paying easier. This way you will get your salary faster.

Traditional invoicing is also possible with Eezy through our online service or mobile app. We send you your payment for the invoiced work when your customer has paid the invoice.

How does EezyPay work for light entrepreneurs?

Invoicing as a light entrepreneur is easy in Eezy’s online service, where you can also find the new EezyPay. With the new payment solution, customers can pay for your work and services by card payment, online bank payment or various wallet applications, such as MobilePay or Pivo. Paying with EezyPay is a breeze!

Welcome offer! Try EezyPay now for 1 month without a package fee!

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Pricing of work

One challenge light entrepreneurs often face is pricing their work. Pricing should take into account all the indirect costs that are deducted from the light entrepreneur’s payment before it is paid. If the deducted costs seem complicated, you can easily find out the amount that you get in hand using the light entrepreneur’s salary calculator. Remember to compare your pricing with other light entrepreneurs and those operating in the same field. Also, don’t underprice your valuable time and expertise.

The following are deducted from the salary:

  • Tax withholding in accordance with your tax card
  • Eezy’s service fee, which decreases as your invoicing amount increases
  • YEL insurance if Eezy takes care of it for you
  • Other possible insurance payments, such as health insurance
  • Possible additional service fees, such as EezyExpress salary payment

All the light entrepreneur’s invoices go through the invoicing service. Thus, the light entrepreneur’s salary consists of the amount paid by the invoicing service to the light entrepreneur. The light entrepreneur can choose when they want to withdraw their salary from the invoicing service.

Start light entrepreneurship right away

Would you like to become a light entrepreneur? You can register in Eezy’s service free of charge, and without any obligations. Start right away or take your time to take a closer look. You only pay the service fee when you are paid a salary.