Expense reimbursements and receipts

Expense reimbursements and receipts

Would you like to handle expense reimbursements and receipts more easily? On top of our comprehensive full service, we offer an additional paid service that allows you to deduct material costs, supplies and travel costs directly related to the invoiced work already at the time of payment. Your expenses will be reimbursed to you on the basis of a purchase receipt or travel invoice and you will gain financial benefit when you pay less taxes and side costs on your salary.

Expense reimbursement is paid in accordance with the Tax Administration’s instructions

In practice, the VAT-free total of the invoice paid by your client is divided to salary for the work and expenses. You do not pay taxes or side costs for the share of expenses. We will process and verify your reimbursable expenses and ensure that the reimbursement is paid to you in accordance with the instructions of the Tax Administration.

You will be reimbursed immediately 

You will be able to deduct expenses already during the salary payment when you hand over the expenses and receipts related to the invoiced work to Eezy.

You only pay for the processing of expense reimbursements and receipts when you need it 

  • Payment of expense reimbursements requires a contract regarding supplies and/or travel expenses made with your client and submitted to Eezy.
  • The processing of expenses and receipts is our additional paid service.
  • The service fee is 1 % + VAT.
  • The price of the additional service will be charged in addition to the normal service fee and will be calculated from your VAT-free invoicing amount.
  • Please read the conditions for reimbursement carefully, as we do not want you to pay in vain. A service fee will be charged for handling the costs, even if not all your costs are accepted for reimbursement.

In what situations can you receive expense reimbursements during salary payment?

Expenses are divided into two categories – supply expenses and travel expense reimbursements.

Supplies and material expenses

Supply purchases can be reimbursed to you under the following conditions:

  • You have invoiced the expenses to your client separately from your work invoice.
  • You have agreed with the client on the invoicing of supplies and have submitted a written agreement to Eezy before the payment of wages. According to the guidelines of the Tax Administration (only in Finnish), Eezy is required to clarify what has been agreed upon regarding expense reimbursements.
  • The expenses are deductible according to the Tax Administration’s guidelines, meaning they are directly related to the work invoiced through us and do not involve personal use or long-term use.
  • The receipts and vouchers meet the requirements of the Tax Administration.
  • You have submitted the necessary receipts and vouchers, the agreement on expense reimbursements, and a breakdown of the expenses to us before your wage payment.
  • After the reimbursement of expenses, there must always be a reasonable wage left from the work. This may, in some cases, limit both the reimbursable expenses and tax-free travel expense reimbursements. Otherwise, there is no personal or work-related upper limit for expenses.

Travel Expense Reimbursements

Eezy must ensure (only in Finnish) that the light entrepreneur and their client have agreed on the payment of travel expenses.

In addition, Eezy must confirm what kind of travel expenses have been agreed upon: for example, mileage allowance, per diem, meal allowance, and/or travel tickets. Please remember to fill out the expense breakdown along with the invoice so that we can reimburse travel expenses.

Travel expenses can be reimbursed to you under the following conditions – two options:

1. Travel expenses are included in the total price agreed with the client

  • Eezy must be informed of which travel expenses are invoiced as part of the total price (hourly rate or contract price).
  • The travel expenses do not need to be itemized separately on the invoice.
  • You must submit to us via email or online service message a written agreement specifying which travel expenses are included in the total compensation (for example, mileage allowances, per diems, meal allowances, or travel tickets).
  • Example:
    • Hourly rate: €35/hour including mileage allowances and per diems
    • Total price: €1500 including per diems and travel tickets

2. Travel expenses are invoiced as an additional charge agreed with the client

  • Travel expenses must be clearly itemized on the invoice on separate lines (itemized kilometers, per diems, meal allowances, travel tickets) – unfortunately, a total amount of travel expenses is not sufficient.
  • You must submit to us via email or online service message a written agreement specifying which travel expenses are agreed to be invoiced as an additional charge (for example, mileage allowances, per diems, meal allowances, or travel tickets).
  • Example:
    • Mileage allowance 125 km, €0.57/km
    • Per diem 3 pcs.

This is how you apply for expense reimbursements


Agree with your client about the invoicing of expenses in writing. If you do not have a written agreement, it is advisable to include the expenses in your own tax return.


Create an invoice. When creating the invoice, also fill out the expense breakdown in our online service. Please submit the agreement on expense reimbursements to Eezy. Itemize any supply expenses on separate lines. For travel expenses, itemization on the invoice is not necessary if they have been agreed upon as part of the total compensation.


Upload any receipts to the expense breakdown preferably immediately, but at the latest 3 days before your salary payment. Each trip must be itemized on its own expense line.


We at Eezy aim for a completely paperless office. Therefore, scanned versions of receipts and documents or photographed with a mobile camera are sufficient for us.

Why do you have to follow the instructions exactly with the expenses and receipts?

Here at Eezy, we follow the Tax Administration’s guidelines and thus ensure that our light entrepreneurs are taken care of properly. We do not want your expenses to cause you problems in retrospect or tax consequences, for example.

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If you are concerned about expense reimbursements and receipts, please contact us 

Expense reimbursements and receipts can sometimes cause a headache. So, ask in advance if you are thinking of deducting expenses through Eezy. Many expenses that we cannot reimburse for you may well go through in your personal taxation as income deductions. We will advise and guide you in all your questions related to light entrepreneurship.

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